So You Say….


I have often wondered what would happen if we installed a lie detector room into our churches?   The purpose?   No, not to catch people telling lies or “embellishing the truth” (isn’t hat lying too?) but rather to see how many people are quoting statements of faith and not making a statement of faith?

What do you think?

Let’s make it personal!  If you were hooked up to a lie detector, what would happen as you read the scriptures?  Would the needle remain steady, or would the needle struggle to keep up with your wavering faith?   

So you say “…through Christ I can do all things…” but do your actions reflect your belief?  If this is true to most, then why are so many discouraged and wallowing in negativity?   Why are so many of us filled with doubt, and paralyzed by fear?   Shamefully,

I can look back over my life and see a waivered
faith not in a storm, but due to a strong breeze and the smell of rain.

Many of us fall a part no on the mountain, but at the sight of it.  

So you say we can “…ask anything in his name and it will be done…”  And yet, our prayers are like a ship tossed about.   But yet we can ask, and it shall be done.  Oddly enough, I have heard so many articulate that their asking is not relative to God’s ability, but their worthiness.  In other words, I believe I can asks, but don’t feel my actions are deserving of His yea.  Yep, there are some of us that are foolish enough to believe we are actually good enough, at times, to deserve the Lords love and His provision.  

God is Love; Are you?

So you say “God is love…” but hate those who don’t share you same skin complexion or nationality.   “How can you love God who you can’t see….”  You love God, but refuse to be a peace maker and instead invest your time in sewing seeds of discord among the brothers.  You judge and persecute His children, and deny them treatment deserving of an heir.  Oh, this only applies to believers?   So you display God’s love on those who are saved, or rather those you believe are saved?   

So you say we are to “…love our neighbors as ourselves…“, and you will, once a clear definition of “neighbor” has been defined.   You manage love tighter than you do your personal finances.   Eager to gain, cautious when spending and investing.  You, who have been given love freely and undeservedly, hide behind definitions and have stipulations as to who can be loved, while you who behave an an enemy of God enjoy His grace, mercy and love in the midst of you sin.   You have determined that you cannot be obedient to Gods commands until you have complete clarity on His Word, yet you don’t study, pray or submit to the teachings of one that has laid before the Lord.

The Bible isn’t a Book of Magic and Recipes! 

You would rather perfect the act of “speaking things into existence…” as though you are Harry Potter in Hogwarts learning to perfect some type of spell.   The Bible is not a book of magic.   It harnesses the power of God to be discovered, not to be controlled.  The scriptures are given to increase your faith in God, and intimacy with Him, not to help you build your own Kingdom, dominate His creation, and then give Him credit for the evil you carried out with the principles of peace He provided.

What are we doing? Honestly, are you a person of faith? Are you one that truly believes? Are you the one that believes but has evil intentions? Are you will waiting to be worthy of asking based on your faith?

Do you believe in God or Do you believe in yourself?

If in faith, is God the first option? I ask because we speak and act in faith, but I fear our faith is more in us and our abilities, than placed in the one who is over all things. Truthfully, many of us often try to do things in our own power and then turn to God when our efforts fail. Its not that we shouldn’t turn to God, but that we are arrogant and foolish enough not to choose to work with God to begin with. Are we so prideful that we want to do without God to take all the credit? Are are we just lack sober judgement about who we are and what we are capable of?

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Everybody Hide! It’s The Lord!!!


Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God
as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and
they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.
Genesis 3:8  

What a great verse this is. It is so indicative of us. It reflects our efforts and behaviors. Here we find Adam and Eve, fresh off making their decision to disobey God. They heard His Word, Adam first, who we assume gave it to Eve). We are sure that they are both aware of God’s instructions, when they hear another voice speaking to them. That voice, the serpent. This serpent was questioning Eve about what she knew and about what she believed about what God’s Word.

Life Before Sin & Life After Sin

Fresh from the high of sin, they face a sound they were familiar with. It was the stride of an all powerful God. One they knew as generous, compassionate and kind, but one that contained vast wisdom and infinite power. They knew God to be true to His Word, and as they basked in His generosity, they braced for His judgement. The sound of God walking in the garden had once brought about peace, and now it stirs up fear in both of them.

God must discipline the disobedient!

God returns from heaven to discover that they creation that He has given everything to has chosen to yield to the influence of another source, state a declaration for independence. God sees mankind as His child. Man is His glorious creation; His pride and joy. He would now come face to face with a child that has brought such joy, and have to navigate the pain caused by their disobedience. To date, His lessons have been instruction and information, and now the lesson will be through punishment and discipline. He loves man unconditionally, but also has a relationship that requires accountability. This characteristic in their relationship will require God to punish them for their choice.

A Sound that Should bring Peace can bring about Fear!

It is this knowledge that makes them hide from the sweet sound of God in the garden. Reading this passage, I thought of us. I saw us eating from all forbidden trees. Our bellies are full with the seed and pulp of the very things God has forbidden. We are listening to every voice; willing to compromise ourselves by disobeying God. Our lives are filled with idols. We find ourselves bowed and worshiping people, places and things, while the one who is worthy of praise find Himself ignored and or one of many advisors to His creation.

We like Adam and Eve call ourselves having a blast, all with the full knowledge that God would return to the garden. Adam and Eve knew that God would return. Though they didn’t have his personal schedule, they were aware that He would come to spend time with them, teaching and releasing them to take dominion on the earth He placed them in. Yet, they listened to another voice, and began focusing on the promise of a new voice, as opposed to finding peace with the promise of the one that had provided for them all things.

He Will Return?

And like Adam and Eve, we have been assured of His return. Furthermore, we continue to sin, and serve as our own God’s. This we do, again, knowing both His promise and fully aware of His warnings. He has promised a future judgement, and has scripted two options for eternal rest. He has described hells fire, and the ongoing torment of the soul of those who dwell there. And yet, there are too many who entertain the serpent, and continue traveling on the narrow path.

The fear of God walking in the garden is relative to the actions of man before His return. We don’t have to fear God’s return. We should be looking forward to His return, eager to sit again at His feet and learn from His Word and Worship Him. Are you excited about His return or fearful of His return? As children, we knew we had chores we have on the weekend, and the response of our parents upon their return would be relative to the actions we took towards their instructions. Being obedient, would net praise and adoration, while disobedience would net correction restrictions. It was all up to us.

The Disobedient Priest/Prophet

Looking at Adam has a priest of his home, a prophet even, I was bothered that Adam had once taught only what came from God, and was willing to cosign with a teaching that come from another. He was created and called by God, empowered and placed by God. Given authority and dominion in a place, as have many of us. Though He knew to fear Him, the love and fear he had from Him was not enough to keep Him from speaking and leading without Him. It was not enough to keep him from breaking the covenant with God. And sadly, amidst all the fakes and phonies, there are some that are genuine servants of God that have become corrupt and broken the established covenant God has established with us.

We must love God so intensely, that we commit not to sin against Him. We must value Him such, that we are committed to bringing glory and honor to His name. We must stand by His Word, bearing witness to its truth, and resist the challenges that come in from those who desire to breed doubt in the life of those who have heard from God.

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Light Them Up! (Luke 9:51-56)


Light Them Up!

In this passage, we encounter the disciples of Christ sent ahead of Jesus to prepare a place for him on his way to the cross.  He is looking to share his last moments with the disciples.  The enter the village on a righteous cause, carrying out the mission of Christ, traveling in peace, not in judgement, and were met with hostility.

Rejection is hard for most to accept!  It’s the sting of not being heard or believed that leaves one soaking in a whirlpool of emotions.  These feelings often lead us in to sin, especially if we have not submitted to the control of the Holy Spirit.


And of course, a response nets a response.  So, in this passage, we find something key in how Jesus responds.  He doesn’t address the rejection of the Samaritans, but he rejects the response or desired response of the disciples.

How will you Respond?

So the question, “How will they respond?”  Better yet, “How would you respond?”  Would you allow yourself to be consumed with anger?  Would you allow your tongue to unleash a series of destructive words?  Would you become physical?

Our response is the true test!  And its often hard to contain yourself and control yourself in situations as such because the response given leaves us to believe our response is fully justified.
Newsflash!  The response to rejection is not violence!   What is sad is that Jesus had already prepared them for this encounter by sending them out as messengers of peace telling them to shake the dust off in places that would not receive them, but they show a lack of maturity in their desire to destroy the village and villagers.  Though properly prepared and instructed, they ignored the Spirit and desired to fulfill the desires of their flesh.

Abusing our Power and Authority?

Worse, they wanted to use heavens power to deal with the hurt of their flesh. Why is it that we will misuse our power and manipulate Kingdom time and resources to even foolish scores and to boost our own egos?  In the midst of doing God’s will, the disciples where looking to prove themselves by displaying their power to a people that were already hurting and responding to what they new and received as rejection.

We must fight through our egos to stay inline with the mission of Christ, understanding a very important truth.  The disciples missed something very key.  This rejection they experienced was merely a distraction to keep them from accomplishing their assignment. It was his purpose to draw them in and consume them in such a way that they would forget their purpose.  Have you forgotten your purpose?  Has the adversary given you a new purpose?  One disguised with righteousness?

The Devils Game Plan!

See, the devil wants us to waste time and energy destroying things that are already dead.  He wants us to focus our spiritual power and authority on cat fights and foolishness that keep us from carrying out the purpose for which we were sent.   The devil seeks to use our lack of self control and immaturity to destroy others before Christ can began and complete His work for and in them

One of our greatest challenges is learning how to harness the power we have and control it in such a way that it builds and always brings honor to Christ.  Acting in self control, while others lack boundaries, morals and some type of ethical fortitude is a true challenge for all trying to live right!

Jesus was a Great Model!

In concluding, Jesus modeled this for us, continuing to carry out Gods plan though rejected, persecuted, denied and betrayed by His own. He went to the cross, and gave His life.  He endured the table, the garden, the nails, the lashes, the crown, the insults, the spit and He still finished His assignment!  We too must respond, “not my will, but thy will” be done when we find ourselves faced with our flesh.  We must shake the dust off and keep it moving.  The word says, and they ” went to another village” (Luke 9:56).


God: The Father and Friend


Too many of us want to relate to God as a friend and not as a Father! It’s better this way. Our God, the greatest friend that ever lived. Supportive of our struggles, compassionate of our pain,

As a kid, I can not count how many times I heard a statement that concluded with, “…I’m not one of your little friends!” This statement generally was the conclusion of my mother who was dealing with my sense of humor as a child. It was fine to talk and ask questions, and there were many fun moments, but we understood that my parents were adults and were not to be “played with!

Modeling Roles or Role Model….

Our parents modeled for us a way to relate to them. This example taught us the role of the parent and the child, and also served as a model for how we would judge all subsequent roles and carry out our future roles. There were certain things you didn’t do or say because you possessed a healthy level of fear and reverence for the position they were in. You understood that the rules and boundaries were not to be broken because punishment.

Old Models vs. New Model

But that was yesterday, and today is a new day. Many parents are more friend/influencer to their child rather than the are parental authority figure. This has caused us to see many children become adults that lack boundaries and rules that foster healthy balanced relationships. Many of them have become parents who are more like an older sibling to their child or a friend.

While parents must be more than simply an authority figure to their child (as God is with us), we must be careful not to wander too far to extremes that will cause future issues. While some of our parents had an improper balance, there were some who understood it was more important to love our children than to be liked by our children. I know, what the difference. Love is not always providing or catering to what feels good. Love also involves correction, structure and discipline. When we are worried about being liked, we spare the rod and end up spoiling the child. Our efforts to be liked then render our role as parents ineffective, and thus take from our children a role they need to prosper. Our children must understand the importance of “a child place” to properly function of an “parent’s position”.

The Honor of the Title Father!!!

We must keep in mind there is a reason God does everything. Because of this, we must look closely at the honor of men being able to bare the title “father”. No doubt, a child’s first association with the title and role of “father” is going to be with the relationship they have had with their earthly father, or other fathers in their community. In that, we must be sure that the image and life we model before our children will be one that leads them back to God and helps them understand Him better or steers them far away from Him. We are His image and likeness on earth, and are responsible for replicating it and not just reproducing it. This means our jobs are not done after procreation. We have been instructed by God to be a father to our children, and thus must not only provide and protect them, but must till their soil, planting and producing in them that they might know and serve the Lord all of their days.

Are you Really God’s Friend?

God is on record as having been a friend to a few righteous men who chose to walk with Him. He has furthermore, shown Himself to be friendly to us by His mercies, grace and understanding. Furthermore, like a friend, he is there for us; giving us wise counsel, and an open ear. He shares His resources with us, and is the greatest companion that anyone could ever know.

I’m thinking more Associate than Friend!

Jesus tells the disciples that He is going to die for His friends, and then describes these friends as ones who are obedient to Him. Jesus also calls the disciples His friends, saying that He had revealed all things to them that He had from the Father. So I think we should all ask ourselves, “Are we really God’s Friend?” Don’t get scared, I’m not asking, “Are you His child?” This is not about salvation, it is about the state of your relationship with God. He says that loving Him is displayed through obedience. He called righteous men His friend in the Old Testament. And these were devote servants, not those who were Israelites by title and covenant.

Friend? Yes we are friends of God; that is if you are actually being obedient.

What is this fascination with being a friend of Jesus?

We love that Jesus is our friend! Why? Because we have an earthly view again of the title friend. Our good friends are not only accepting of our sin and shame, but often supportive of our shame activities that cause us pain because they want us be happy. We have friends in our circle who cover for our wrongs, make excuses for our shortcomings, fund our habits, and are there to justify all of the chaos our sinful habits have made.

And while Jesus does die for us and intercede for us, He is not a supporter or enabler of our wicked behavior. He holds us accountable, setting a standard for our friendship, and holding us accountable for reaching it.

You can’t choose Friend or Father!

Now, here is the challenge I see in addition to what has been stated. I find there are too many that relate to God as a “Friend” and not as “The Father”. A friend might correct and confront, but a friend doesn’t punish us. We spend so much time thinking of God as a friend, that we often say things like “God knows my heart!” or “I am a friend of God!” The reality is that our perspective of God can limit what He accomplishes (faith), but it does not change the His character. He will always be our father! And as Father, all of the attributes He contains are balanced and distributed to His children as they have need. We will all stand before this Father one day, and will have to give an account for the lives we have lived. So, enjoy God’s friendship, but remember, He always Father!

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Make Marriage Great Again


A few months ago,  I started to write this blog, but was interrupted by current events, but a recent dialogue has brought is again to the surface.  After a Gay Pride march, the comment was made (not a quote) by a friend that the surge in homosexuality (lumping all into one category) and the like was the problem with our families and marriages.

Now, it is true that our marriages, even Christian marriages are struggling.  Last I looked, statistics had the divorce rate at or around 50%.  This alarming statistic has those unwed looking and approaching marriage like a coin flip.  While we face many different set of circumstances during marriage counseling, it would be unfair and inaccurate to accept the statement of homosexuality being cause of our failing families.  Furthermore, I would find it challenging even accepting the idea that it is destroying our families.

It’s Our Forefathers Fault!

Our forefathers were blessed and cursed by the economic and educational structures of our families.  In the days of my great grandfather, grandfather (started changing here), and father (fully changed); the man was in most cases the only one that had an education, and furthermore, was the sole provider for his family.   The woman’s duties were centered around taking care of the family, and here work was relegated to the home and maybe the family enterprise.  

Things began to change when our women became educated and became central pieces in the work force.   Now I know some of you are thinking, “This fool is about to say women should be barefoot and pregnant!”, but keep reading!!!!   

As I spoke to my grandfather, he talked about the structure of the home, and how it was both nurturing of healthy habits, but conductive for unhealthy ways.   

Healthy Family:

The families led by a husband that applied God’s Word, submitted one to another, maintained respect and appreciation, and responded in love with gratitude and worked as a partnership flourished. 

Unhealthy Family:

Those led my men who lacked Biblical understanding, leading as a tyrant, abused their position, power and authority, lacked appreciation for their spouse, and saw them as slave and not a partner of which there where to mutually serve just existed.  Though these homes were just existing (homes ruled by men who where not leading according to Biblical Principles), the homes were more likely to stay together because of the economic and educational situation of the spouse.

I know, these women had a home to return too.  This is true, but in a time when chauvinism ruled, and the “Don’t Blame Mr. Charlie” permeated the thinking, many women were sent back into abusive homes and told to submit and to pray.   Women were given stories like that in Peter that discuss winning the favor or soul of an unsaved husband through your submission and obedience.   Also, women were sent home and told to just submit (Ephesians), but neglected to impress upon the husband his duty to submit, respect and not abuse his own flesh (Who would do that?  Turns out a lot would 🙂 ).

Having said all this, once married, especially with our understanding of Biblical covenant being forever, and knowing that God truly hates divorce, women often remained in homes that were not Biblically centered.  They were forced to suffer through bad and ungodly leadership from someone who lead because he had a job and a “member.”  Men were secure in their place as head of home because there were few options that seemed hopeful for a woman who had given her virtue to a a vulture, and could face living as a widow all the days of here life.

Burning Bras on a Stick?

Well, that didn’t last long!   
The bra’s came off, where placed on the end of broomsticks and were burned!   Women hit the halls of academia, gained skills, took on training and became a key part of the work force and eventually began leading and starting their own companies.  

And we won’t make a blanket statement, but I believe we should acknowledge that this key shift has participated in the rise of divorce.  And while the was surely a case of a righteous man trying to lead a rebellious woman, it probably safe without a survey to assume that the majority of the unhealthy situations were the cave man thinking variety, and yes, this should have changed.

We Must Return to Biblical Marriage!

As a Kingdom Citizen and Leader, I felt the need to make the plea to “Make Marriage Great Again!”  Let’s not get confused (again, I am not saying to go to the cave man thinking), but that we should return to the Biblical Approach to Marriage that was given to us.   The day when men understood their role to be Christ, and the wife carried herself like the church.  A day when both man and wife where one flesh, not just because if felt good, but because they were submitted to one another and sought to walk in agreement.    And I know this generation hates roles and gender, but these are very much natural and even biblical.   Roles is not about gender, but it is about structure and order, both of which are needed to have prosperity and peace.  Without, chaos will exist.   

It’s More than Male and Female!

Furthermore, Biblical Marriage has been defined as marriage between man and female.   I will of course stand by this Biblical Structure, but I will contend that it is much more than the union between a man and a woman.  It is a union based on the principles and precepts of God.  A marriage where both man and woman are not only submitted to each other, but are submitted to the One True and Living God.   A marriage where both people are pressing towards the mark, seeking righteousness, seeking and offering forgiveness.   A marriage where both people are selfless, and take upon the position of Christ as a servant one to another.  A covenant where prayer is a practice and the Holy Spirit serves as wisdom and guide.   A covenant where both people are long suffering, slow to anger and filled with mercy and grace.   

God’s Word must be Supreme!

Men and Women need to turn back to God’s Word, getting beyond the milk foundation of the good news, and find themselves immersed in the culture and teachings of the Word that will produce Godly marriages.   Moreover, we can present to God a marriage that honors Him, and looks close to the image He provided for us.   We can also model to the world what marriage should look like, giving them keys to be successful and whole, instead of mirroring their flesh driving disjointed unions.

Now, we also know that a major part of the issue with divorce is the selection process.   Not that I am going to suggest a return to arranged marriages, but…………….. (I kinda am).   Though I believe people can find love, the selection is often leveraged on visible and or tangible things.  And those that know me probably think I’m going to talk about the good guys being looked over (that was so frustrating in High School), but i’m not.    Maybe I should talk about the movies that convinced young people that they are mature enough to select a husband at the age of 16?

Anywho’s, though homosexuality presents a challenge to marriage by attacking the Biblical Standard, I would contend that far more damage has been done by Heterosexual couples who have not allowed Jesus to be the center of their marriage.  Men and Women that abuse their power and position, live by the flesh and are unfaithful, breaking their marital vows, refuse to compromise and find agreement will always be more responsible for the decline in the rate of successful marriages.


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We Can Do this All Day!


Whenever Jehudi had read three or four columns of the scroll, the king cut them
off with a scribe’s knife and threw them into the firepot, until the entire scroll was
burned in the fire. Jeremiah 36:23 The king and all his attendants who heard all
these words showed no fear, nor did they tear their clothes. Jeremiah 36:24

After the king burned the scroll containing the words that Baruch had written at
Jeremiah’s dictation, the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah: Jeremiah 36:27
“Take another scroll and write on it all the words that were on the first scroll,
which Jehoiakim king of Judah burned up. Jeremiah 36:28

What a powerful passage this is. Jeremiah, banned from entering the House of God (yep, he’s the Prophet), has to work around his band to make sure the people receive the Word of God. He send Baruch in his place with the scroll and has him read them on a day where everyone is fasting. They hear the word of the Lord and those in power decide that this declaration from the Lord is 1. Not Acceptable 2. Dangerous to their Cause .

I know, how foolish of them. How dare these leaders hear the word of the Lord and rebel against it. How could they hear the Word from the Prophet, a warning at that, and ignore it and continue doing business as usual? How could they be instructed to return to the Lord, and make pretend that they didn’t hear it?

We Don’t Agree with God’s Word! We Want it to Agree with Us!

First, they didn’t agree with it. They had made up their minds on how they would handle Babylon. They didn’t want God to give them instructions on what to do, they wanted God to give them favor on what they were doing. They realized that their plan was risky, but had decided that it was the best and most feasible option to defeat their enemy. Besides, the other route suggested by God would leave them carrying out the remainder of the 70 of bondage God had given them for being disobedient and disrespectful to God. They thought teaming with Pharaoh was a better option than remaining partnered with the one that delivered them from Pharaoh.

Next, they feared the people will hear the Word of God, and return to God. This would reveal their error and wickedness, as well as remove warriors from the fight. They will need each citizen to rally around their cause, and they must keep them united around their plan and not God’s instructions.

Sadly, this is happening today. There are some that have received God’s instructions but refuse to tell the people what they know the Spirit of God has spoken. They press through their own agendas and hide behind the revelation to leverage the power of the scripture to complete agendas. Sadly, these agendas often place people outside of the will of God and other times in harms way. ( I will keep a mask on my examples because unmasking it would reveal the tension of this current political climate).

Ignoring God’s Word Doesn’t
Change God’s Mind!

Jehoiakim burns the scroll up! Yep, he burns the Word of God in a firepot. He burns it column by column. Line by Line. He watches as the ink and the scroll are reduced to ashes. Sadly, Jehoiakim did not know that the Words of God were alive. They were true in ink on the scroll, but lived beyond the scroll. Burning the Word removed it from his sight, and prevented others from hearing it, but it would not alter his fate, nor would it change the Lords mind. The King of all people knew the statement burning an official document would have. In this, he burned the document as though he was above the law, and beyond punishment. He was the King, and he displayed his power and authority in this singular act.

Let’s Change God’s Word so We don’t Have to Change!

Again, there are some that believe making alterations to the Word of God are in order for today. We read what has been written, and find it unacceptable for the times in which we live. We are saddened greater by those who are impacted by God’s Word than the way the acts of those who are disobedient to the Word impact our God. We have become pleaser of man, and have distanced ourselves from our God. Yep, it is no surprise we find ourselves being placed out of the temple, and experiencing suffering on every hand.

Some of us are foolish enough to believe that burning it or reediting will will actually change the voice and mind of God. We believe we know what God wants, and are foolish enough with our intelligent self to believe we know what’s best for ourselves, others and even for God. This will only lead us and others astray. On judgement day, the Word of God will be what we are judged by, not the alterations made and customizations given to the religion.

Help Me Fill in the Blank of Romans 11:34 & Isaiah 40:13!!!!

We have read the scripture, and have decided to fill in some of these blanks.

Who has known the mind of the Lord? __________________ Who has given Him counsel?________________

I know many of you are foolish enough to write your name in the margins, but let me speak truth to you, flesh and blood revealed that to you! This my friends, when you see it (multiple times old and new testament) is a rhetorical question. And even if you answer in the form of a question, “Who is Johnny?” “Who is Sue? You wouldn’t be dead wrong (seeing as though you are living), but you would be a liar!

You don’t give God counsel, you listen to God’s counsel, and thus are considered wise because His Words are on your lips and His Holy Spirit on your tongue.

God Was the CEO; Now He’s Just a Sponsor!

The text says they were so wicked and far from God, that the didn’t even tear their clothes when the Word of God was cut and reduced to ashes. They had lost their connection to God’s Word and were not intimately involved with Him. God was more sponsor that partner. He once was the CEO, but had been reduced, Silent Partner. Now to them, God was a wealthy donor and or powerful benefactor who could navigate and negotiate to achieve for the company.

Yet in still, God reaffirms His CEO status. Though His Word was burned to ashes, He has Jeremiah and Baruch, Dictate and Document, His will for the people. God tells Jeremiah to get another scroll and write all the Words on it that were on the first. Again people, God is not like man. He knows His Words and keeps His covenant. You speaking His Word to Him shows that you know His Word, not teaches Him what He does not know are reminds Him what He has forgotten.

We Can Do this All Day, Jehoiakim!

Call me crazy, but I believe God could have reproduced this scroll a hundred times over and not missed one word or piece of punctuation. Jehoiakim could have kept burning, and Jeremiah and Baruch would have kept writing. Remember, all that’s needed to make a copy is the original (I’m referring to God as the source and original copy).

God knows everything! He doesn’t have Jeremiah collect the ashes from the Firepot. He doesn’t ask Baruch to interview people in the city. God knew His Word and would stand by His Word! Again, it was so right, He wrote it Twice! He brings the same Word back to the people and the leaders. The Word of God still stood after their rebellion and protests! God stayed true to His Word.

They walked away from the fire pit convinced that they would not hear or see the scroll with that prophecy on it. They foolishly believed it would not manifest because it had been destroyed. Sadly, we too believe that God’s Word is alive through the ink on the page. If every printed copy was reduced to ashes, I believe that our God would simply speak to a new set of Prophets and reproduce His Word, word for word, line for line, chapter by chapter. It would live, because it is alive. Not just in our preaching and in the application of our lives, but its alive because it is with Him and is Him! It has and always has been.

It was before the ink touched the pages!

We seem to forget this. Jeremiah was dictating what God was speaking, not creating what God was speaking. Again, the Bible is not the words of men that new God, its the Words of God spoken through men. The ink and scroll are documentation of what was breathed through man. This, from a creative God, who has started and continues to execute His perfect plan for you, and for me! We mustn’t harden our hearts to what He has proclaimed, and though not in agreement with each line, we must believe that it is not only true, but it is what is best for us all.

Pastor’s and Prophets, I am calling us back to the sovereignty of God’s Word! Like Jeremiah, we must be committed to capturing and proclaiming what God says, even if we are unpopular. We must be committed to His Word, because it is life, and the source of who we are and who we have been called to be. Elevation will be found in obedience, not in popularity. Our consistency with speaking the truth will send those who are disobedient back to us. Speak with a listening audience! Speak with a rebellious audience. Speak a Word of faith, even amidst an audience of doubters. Stand by the truth, when the reject truth and pursue the lies of false prophets. Remember, we will all have to stand before Him, just like those we are called to lead. The judgment on those called to lead and deliver His Word will be much higher than those who are called to study and follow.

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