Secure the Bag!


Today’s discussion was great. Led by Sister Daniel, we talked about “Securing the Bag.”

Today much focus has been placed on “Securing the Bag”!

As we discussed the 26th Chapter of Matthew, we looked at the desperate effort of Judas to “Secure the Bag” at all cost.

What would you be willing to do to “Secure the Bag”? Do you have a line? Are you fit for compromise? Do you operate by morals and ethics?

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The Church is Under Attack…


For years we have declared, ” ‘The church is under attack’
but I believe that ‘The church is being critiqued!’ “ 
Johnny Ogletree, III 

I know what you’re thinking, Critiqued!  What sinful being dares critique the righteous church?  Honestly, millions upon millions of sinners, and rightly so.

Jesus said in John the 17th Chapter His prayer was that we “would be one” just like He and the Father were one.  Jesus knew that the lost world would be watching the church closely, making an assessment of what they were witnessing.  He experienced walking the earth, the examination of the crowed, understanding the challenge of enlightening others and making believers from the skeptics. 

 Amidst the miracles and the magnificent messages, was the close examination of the actions of Jesus.  People wanted to match the message of Christ with the laws of the Kingdom.  His deity was on display, but His character was on trial.  

His 40 day test in the wilderness served as an LSAT of sorts, while his walk on earth before man were a series of final exams that prepared Him for the bar exam.  And these were not only open book test, but unsealed examinations that would be scrutinized by inquisitive seekers for years to come.  They would find, as others would testify, that he was without sin and a worthy lamb to be sacrificed.

His desire to seek and save, reserving the right to condemn,  but instead choosing to display a level of love and righteousness that was far different than anyone had seen and would be seen.  Though in the flesh, He walked consistently with and in the Spirit, leaving no doubt to those that walked with Him, watched Him, listened to Him and followed Him that He was God in flesh.

If Jesus himself faced the judgments and critiques of those watching, we must be aware as His bride that we will face the same.  We bare His name and are representatives of Him.  Our actions speak for the family, and our words can either draw or repel others. 

The world, and rightfully so, will critique all it sees.  As human beings, we are skeptics at heart who search for proofs and signs to validate out findings.   

Honestly, not only does the world see us misrepresenting Christ, but it sees the church unified about truth.  How is it possible not to agree on truth?  Interpretation; maybe.  Revelation; possibly.  Prophesy; potentially. But truth?   

Sadly, we can’t get believers to come into agreement, and are frustrated and in disbelief when the unsaved reject truth.  How will more come to faith if the faith is fueled by foolishness and funded by the faithless?  How can we convert a dying world when we became like the “one” to win “one”, and the “one” won us?  We are supposed to transformed minds, not updated minds. 

We have brought Christianity to our Worldly View
to support our Worldly Ways,
and not change our thoughts and minds. 

This is seen from those who watch from a far.  They see the lack of sincerity in those who claim to represent Christ and are not convinced by what they see.  

And for those still screaming “The church is under attack!” I say, there is no need to attack yourself.  We are so much like the world in our behavior and response, that we are seen and treated more like an ally than an enemy.  Best case scenario for the church is that we are being critiqued.  This way, we can remain hopeful that we are still be considered as the medium God chose to deliver truth through.  In this, we can make a few adjustments, and return to righteous form.


Moses: Victorious Through Joshua


And Joshua captured all the cities of these kings,
and all their kings, and he struck them with the
edge of the sword, and utterly destroyed them;
just as Moses the servant of the Lord had
commanded. Joshua 11:12

Joshua, fresh of facing the 5 kings led by gathered by king Adoni-Zedek of Jerusalem, once again faces a conglomeration of kings led by Hazor. Hazor followed the same pattern as Adoni-Zedek faces the same fate. Fighting the servant of God proved to be as expected. He gathered other kings, aware that he needed the help of every king he could amass to defeat the King of Kings.

These victories displayed the power of the Kingdom of God; Israel, and the faith and leadership of Joshua. But not only did they display the power of their army, the confirmed the power of God’s Word. While everyone was carrying out the battle plan, Joshua was fighting with more than the agreement between his captains and generals, He was fulfilling the Word of the Lord.

Long before Joshua faced his first king, he was privy to walk along side his mentor and spiritual father Moses. Moses, though gone, was still present in the life of Joshua, having served him greatly through both word and deed. Joshua had watched Moses spend time with the Lord, and marveled as he walked in faith according to what he heard from God.

Joshua watched Moses believe as he wandered in the wilderness. Joshua watched as Moses stood outside the promised land, believing God for what had yet to be obtained. Joshua watched Moses respond to his return with the fruit from the land and saw his steady face and hand as he talked about the giants in the land that were waiting to defend their territory. Joshua listened as Moses recount the promise of God, and march forward believing the providence of God.

Watching and Listening to Moses; Joshua
was shaped, molded and convicted about himself
and about the God he serves.

Moses was standing with Joshua in this moment. He learned from Moses and was following his example. Moses stood victorious in the wars won by Joshua and Israel because they were Prophesied first to Moses. Even in Joshua’s victory, Moses was validated as God’s servant.

Moses was promised that Israel would lay the kings in the promised land to rest, along with their people, their culture and their gods. Though this did not occur in Moses’ life time, God’s Word was fulfilled in Joshua’s life time. Moses died having seen and experienced the fruit from the promised land, but did not received the promise or the prosperity it would bring. He died knowing God would fulfill it, but knowing he wouldn’t get fulfillment from it. Yet, he served and continued to lead the his people.

Joshua was the continuation of what God started through Moses. He walked towards a promise not given to him, but fulfilled through him. Joshua had to believe that God would honor His word in His own time. Joshua, like Moses, had to accept God’s promise as true, though it was guarantee without a delivery date. Joshua and Moses had to walk in faith, and help other’s overcome doubt through their faith.

So the question for us today is not…
“Will God Fulfill His promise?”,
“When will God Fulfill His Promise?”

A Promise from God is not like a Promise from man. Man fulfills his word based on the his feelings about The Circumstances, and God fulfills His Word because of His Character. Man’s circumstances are a variable to any equation, but the character of God is consistent.

Joshua was able to live out the fulfillment of a promise made to His predecessor. Why? He saw why his predecessor wasn’t able to fulfill the promise made to him. Moses missed the promise because he didn’t believe God’s Word, thus didn’t follow His instructions.

Joshua was determined to be obedient to God, trusting His Word to become a fulfilled promise.

Joshua chose to speak to his rock.
And God chose to honor His Word!
Are you speaking to your rock?

What do you believe about God’s Word? Are you willing to follow God’s Word? Are you willing to push beyond your fears? Are you willing to take on major challenges? What do you believe about God’s Word both Past and Present?

We pray for the improbable!
We seek the impossible!
But don’t believe that all things are possible.

The improbable is not possible or probable with God, but it is actual. You can depend on God’s Word, and will experience great victories, accomplishing great feats, and overcoming great challenges when we depend on God. Sadly, there are some undefeated kings because we have not been obedient to the Word God gave us.

I believe victory is found when we are obedient to His will and willing to sacrifice our fear, will, desires, and ego which often prevent us fully trusting and stepping out on His word and truth. God’s Word is a stable foundation, and we must remain steadfast, trusting it as not to creating new paths that are more comfortable to abide in.


Cancel “Cancel Culture“


Today we talked Cancel Culture! Matthew 7:1-2 was the base of our discussion.

Cancel Culture has emerged as a way of dealing with those that have offended a person/group or is deemed dangerous to the community.

The initial intent was to hold people accountable for their words and actions, but has become the demise of many whom responded from their ignorance, immaturity, entitlement, mis-information and un-enlightened state.

Though the actions of the offender make Canceling feel justified, making a judgement quickly can also be ignorant, immature, mis-informed and un-enlightened.

As ones that will face the eternal judge and also a jury of our peers, we must be aware that the culture we create will be the same culture that we live in. We should remain compassionate and understanding, knowing that the same standard we use towards others will be used towards us!

Does living in the Cancel Culture bring additional stress on those that participate in it?


Check Mate!


Joshua 10:42 All these kings and their lands
Joshua conquered in one campaign, because
the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.
43 Then Joshua returned with all Israel to the
camp at Gilgal.

“All these kings…” verse 42 reads, documenting the dominance displayed through a divinely appointed leader. Joshua has fought one king at a time, and even took on 5 kings who came together to destroy an ally. Joshua moved on from there, advancing and checking kings off the list, 1. Libnah; Check 2. Lichish; Check 3. Eglon; Check 4. Hebron; Check. Along with these kings, he conquered “…their land”.

The scripture says Joshua conquered them in one campaign. Joshua and Israel swept through the land, a dominant force, conquering lands long before their arrival. The respect and fear for Joshua grew with every box he checked.

As a movie building to a climax, Joshua rose from the shadows of Moses to become a respected and accomplished leader in a short time. This all occurred in one campaign.

As the reign of other established leaders, not only declined, but halted, Joshua’s influence is on a steep incline. This was possible “…because the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.” Though Joshua put in some sweat equity, the Word informs us that God was literally fighting for Israel.

As loyal as Joshua was to both Moses and Yahweh, the Word clearly says this fight was for Israel. As a leader, it would be more comforting to know that God was literally fighting to established me. That his desire was to reward or honor my loyalty and faithfulness with promotion and victory, but the Word is clear in this verse was that God was fighting to establish Israel and not Joshua.

I truly believe this is always the case. God chooses to use human beings to fight and to follow. Our elevation and accomplishments are tied to our willingness to submit to His will for our lives and to make His will manifest in the lives of others.

Knowing this we must should retain and maintain humility that helped us gain favor from the Lord. As we accomplish things with God and gain the recognition of our peers, we must remember that God is fighting in the battle with us. The humility that must be worn by us all adjusts as we emerge. The humility worn after the first victory must be altered. We must stand before the Lord, the masterful tailor/seamstress t0 see what needs to be let out, and what needs to be taken in. Humility isn’t purchased off the public rack, it’s custom made fabric from custom fabric measured to fit you.

Joshua returned from victory a legend from one season. He left an unaccomplished but loyal follower, and returned home with his hands in victory.

As the fight rages on, there are times when one can become discourage because of it seems the fighting will never end.

But be encouraged. After reading this passage I began to celebrate. It’s not just the victory that’s a joy to have, but peace that rewards those who are willing to fight and endure the chaos of the day. There are days where swinging the sword seems unreasonable and or impossible when under attack. But for those facing the adversary, we must look to the hills and call upon all that is within us to continue fighting off the advances, and striking in we advance until we have the advantage.

For those who have fought one king after another, dealt with one problem after another, the text says Joshua and the others returned back to camp with the fighting behind them. Pick up the sword and continue to fight. Fight until the battle is won. There will be time to rejoice in victory and a day where you check the boxy of peace.


Rebuilding our Credit!


Do not co-sign another person’s note or put up
a guarantee for someone else’s loan. Proverbs 22:26

In an attempt to increase power and influence, it aligned itself with political parties.

While the underlying purpose was to ensure Biblical Values were are the forefront, directing the country, the church been influenced by Political Party Platforms more than it has affected the direction of the country and upheld a standard of righteousness.

Furthermore, the visually and verbally labeled hypocrites, we have united ourselves with groups and organizations that lack spiritual integrity and operate with circumstantial ethics and morals.

The Kingdom Platform serves as pawns to protect the agenda of earthly kings and queens, who mask their corruption by pushing propaganda through church leaders who continue to cosign on the note for misguided individuals in exchange for 30 pieces of Silver.

Sadly, the constant corruption and failing of the parties have taken a message has resulted in a Kingdom that once had an 850 credit score and left it standing with a 550.

As long as the Christian church stands as Guarantors to Political Parties, their agendas will always be cloudy and the message of Christ corrupted. #pastorjdo3#politics#politicalparties#corruption

Bi-Kingdom Leadership


And it came about when Joshua and the sons
of Israel had finished slaying, until they were
destroyed and the survivors who remained
them had entered the fortified cities,
Joshua 10:20

Joshua and the Sons of Israel were completing their mission of facing and defeating the 5 Kings. They have their leadership trapped and have collapsed on their soldiers. They are two steps from having their hands lifted in victory, but first an observation.

We give credit to leaders ability to lead in victory, but in this moment, we want to credit the leadership of Joshua by celebrating his ability to follow. We forget that many great battles were lead by great men, following the instructions or plans of a God, man or even a team. Joshua, as a leader, had moved before without consulting the Lord and placed his people in a bad position. Learning from this mistake, He sought the Lord and was only willing to lead his people into battle if the Lord had instructed him too.

We Need Leaders who are Loyal and Led by the Lord!

One of the issue we face today are leaders that are loyal to the wrong lord. Though students of the Word, many serve and behave as though the power held by those we see is created by them. The positions that people sit in, the scripture informs us are appointed by the Lord. In other words, we focus on the physical election that is relative to the votes we cast. We complain about the system that has an Electoral college casting votes like a fail safe. But those of us who are believers are aware that the true election and appointment comes from heaven; and is relative to what the people need, not always what the people request.

Divided Loyalties

We complain about politicians being corrupted by super pacts, and have neglected to acknowledge and address the spiritual pacts that play politics, and the hands that are open to receiving from political arms. “All money isn’t good money” Grandpa Horn (Pastor B.L. Horn) would say to us. He gave accounts as to the role organizations and government played in attempting to quite the voice of the church. They would entice Joshua with money and power, in hopes to convince one with sight to blind fold him/herself and lead the sheep into the pit.

We have leadership that is are Bi-Kingdom. These leaders maintain citizenship in two kingdoms, and thus battle between loving one or the others. One foot in the grave and one foot on the ground, we see many that struggle to stand firm. Too many of our Joshua’s have residences in another state, and maintain a vacant apartment in the Kingdom of God so they can hold onto the office.

Joshua and Israel are on the Lord’s side!

Paired with the Lord, Joshua and Israel are invincible. Without Him, they are vulnerable and outmatched. It’s in their best interest not to abandon the partnership, and today I will declare nothing has changed! It is in our best interest to continue holding God’s hand, not for compassion and comfort, but as conquerors and champions.

Jericho faced the battle at Gibeon as a unified Kingdom. Jesus said a Kingdom divide would fall, and what we are witnessing today is a Kingdom that is tearing apart as the seems. The modern church is staged to face 5 Kings, not split down the middle, but cut into slices. We have dominations that war against each other, wide and loose interpretations of the scripture, all claiming to represent for the Lord, and few choosing to live for Him.

We are loosing because our hearts are un-loyal, and our efforts are disjointed. We are loosing because onlookers are left to respond to the actions of the church, not taken orders from the Lord, but acting with input from the World.


Finish Slaying Them!


And it came about when Joshua and the sons of Israel
had finished slaying them with a very great slaughter,
until they were destroyed and the survivors who
remained of them had entered the fortified cities,
Joshua 10:20

The backdrop of this battle is the Lord holding still the sun and the moon while Joshua and Israel fought. Remember, God has destroyed some of the enemy by confusing them, hailing stones from heaven, and now enabling Joshua and his army to use the momentum established to finish their defeated foe.

The word says they “…had finished slaying them…”. On the onset of this dialogue, I want to ensure that slaying is figurative and not literal. While Joshua and Israel literally took the lives of those that stood in the way of God’s Kingdom advancing, I see things that we need to lay to rest not physically, but ethically, morally, socially and most assuredly politically!

The people of God in America are facing its own set of 5 Kings. These Kings have bound together to form one Kingdom under the God “mammon” called Capitalisms. Racism, Classism, Chauvinism/Sexism, Politicism, & Materialism (not in this specific order).

Joshua and Israel were aware that the 5 Kings would continue to emerge and challenge Israel’s’ peace. If not destroyed, they would face the constant war and destruction of current and future Kingdom members. This is why Joshua asked God for more time.

They had to destroy them while they could. Currently, they had momentum. They had broken their spirits. The Kings and their armies were on the run. And God had provided a window and shown them favor in battle. This was the time, a time that would soon pass.

Sadly, the People of God in America has faced each King one at a time and chose to reconstruct them and not destroy them. We have tried our best to manage these different Kingdoms as opposed to putting them to the sword, and consequently, they have come together in what visibly seems to be an unformidable opponent.

The reality is that these Kings are driven by an evil that can not stand against the true Kingdom of God. Righteousness administered in love will destroy each Kingdom we face, but we can not make the mistake of managing evil, we must be dedicated to the eradication of it. These Kings can not be allowed to go off the grid, hide in caves, build special interest groups collect ammunition, recruit through lies and rule through deception. In the past, we have chosen to pacify these groups, and at most be passive aggressive in our dealings with them, but it is time for the church to focus on the things that are destroying our people; preventing us from living life to the full.

Sadly we see another day where the sun is going down, which will allow these Kings to regroup and attack in another decade, thus I believe that we like Joshua need to be asking the same thing for the Kingdom of God! We must unite together; every tongue, every tribe, placing aside foolish arguments and disagreements, putting to rest sources of contention with the understanding that one Kingdom will eventually fall; America or Church.


Just a Smidge more Salt!


I had the pleasure of spending time with an Elder and Former Pastor this past week. I am still chewing on our conversation.

At one point, we talked about the challenges we face in the pulpit as Pastor/Prophet/Shephard. The largest challenge to many has been expressed as leading and managing the sheep, but one of the largest issues we face today is the delivery of the Word.

At a point, we talked about the struggle many have with high blood pressure. He said, “I could lower my blood pressure by not putting so much salt on my food,” but I love adding flavor to my meal and can’t stand eating bland food. Despite the efforts of the cook, he and many have already decided that the work of the chef isn’t enough.

We Add Flavor Before Feeding!

Many dinners have decided to season the food even before they taste it. They have developed a taste for the salt, and not the flavor of the delicacy they are being served. In this, many of us are simply ordering food we wish to alter, not praying for a will we are willing to accept.

What is Served is the Chef’s Intent!

Interestingly, the chef makes the dish according to his recipe and also taste the food before serving it. When the meal touches the table, it properly represents the flavor and look of the chef and will created the experience desired by the chef. Moreover, it represents the full training and expertise of the chef. The meal is the culmination of years of experience and training that apply techniques and creativity from the chef with the dinner in mind. He has considered what looks appealing, and what emotions will be invoked, and what utensils will be utilized during this encounter with the dish .

Season to Taste?

While there was a time when we took the biter with the sweet, many of us have restricted out pallets from the full range of flavors and experiences designed for you. We sit down in the pew (couch or desk) as a dinner, and flavor to taste.

God creates a healthy dish of conviction or correction! And as opposed to partaking of the meal and reaping the benefit of its intent, will cover it with seasonings and condiments because we don’t desire to become healthy, we only desire to be fed.

We use the seasons on the table to change the flavor of the dish to fit our desires. We make things spicier, saltier, & sweeter. We create our own experience, but don’t have the discipline or time to cook for ourselves. No consideration is given to the artistry of the chef, and the dinner is void of the experience designed for them.

The Waiter Special

Worse, what we discussed is a more challenging obstacle that the prior. What we have experienced as of late is not the dinner seasoning the food, but the waiter himself seasoning the food.

First, we generally have though of the preacher/pastor/prophet as the chef and not the waiter, but in this moment, I would like to redirect us to a time when God was speaking, man was listening, and reporting. The Prophets would go to the Lord and listen carefully, taking dictation like a court reporter. Each word was documented and read aloud in the presence of the court to inform them of what had transpired in the Prophets presence of the All Mighty. So today, lets put the Pastor/Prophet in the position of Waiter and not Chef.

The Prophet is the Waiter
not the Chef!

The challenge of today is The Waiter:
1. Picking up the Food (from The Station)
2. Tasting the Food (after it has been prepared)
3. Seasoning it to Their Taste.

The waiter takes the creation of the chef, and then alters the flavor and impact of the message by seasoning it to his own taste and liking. When this is done it creates a new creation from the original. In some cases, the waiters seasoning of the meal is being served as a new creation, justifying the waiters claim to be the chef.

The Waiter is Qualified
to Serve the Dish

I asked myself as a waiter, who am I to season the chef’s cooking?

I was selected to serve the food. My calling and responsibility is to go between the Chef and the Dinner and deliver the meal. I can hear what the dinner needs, but can only hear what the chef prepares.

I am also responsible for helping the dinner understand what is on the menu. My job is to help the dinner understand what sacrifice is require of each thing on the menu. The waiter is charged to know the menu, and the distinct intricacies that are in each dish. I am responsible for presenting the menu to the dinner. I am responsible to deliver the order to the Chef. Last, I am charged to serve the Dish to the dinner.

Just a Smidge More!

In this day, where there are a multiplicity of voices serving the same message, many waiters have resorted to sprinkling each dish they serve. It’s as though the waiter taste the meal prepared by God and says, “Just a Smidge more!”

There is a danger to altering the meal! While the original dish has the balanced nutrients needed for the body to grow properly, the added seasoning could lead the body towards an unhealthy future. I present to you that some of the unhealth in the body of Christ is due to seasoning.

Too many are branding their servanthood, as opposed to branding the one they serve. Our names have become synonymous or have exceeded the name of the name that is above all names. Our style has become a filter to the image we present, and our character has become a barrier to the exhibit itself.

Sadly, the seasoning of the meal by the waiter has created a taste for that which is filling but unhealthy! The taste buds have adjusted and now seek that which scratches the itch and in the process leaves a scar.

This is nothing new. Sound doctrine falls in the forest without an ear to hear, while noise permeates the airways and fills the ears of those who listen. A revival is needed, but has been removed from the menu and replaced by spiritualty that blends Christ with witchcraft, Holy Spirit with crystals, Yahweh with mother nature.

Sadly, what is being ingested by most is not even a watered down version of the Gospel. It’s a reengineered version that has roots and inspiration from what was, but has been compromised by those who have mishandled position and prophecy.

What is needed is a commitment not just to the growth or our oratorical ability, but to the commitment to spend time with the Lord, and the discipline and conviction to report what God reveals. And this responsibility is with the pulpit before it is with the pew.

While it is easier to speak words that will be accepted and entertain the hearer, we must be aware that these same words are likely not to bring life. Our goal like Christ is to help our brother and sister live life to the full, and not short-circuit their existence by allowing sin to reign and produce death.


America’s Seed; America’s Harvest


So the five kings of the Amorites,
the king of Jerusalem, the king of Hebron,
the king of Jarmuth, the king of Lachish,
and the king of Eglon, gathered together and went up,
they with all their armies, and camped by Gibeon
and fought against it. Joshua 10:5

The people of Gibeon were recent allies to Joshua and Israel. Though they became allies through deception, they were neighbors of Joshua and now under a covenant agreement with them. They entered an unholy alliance to defeat Joshua and now find themselves reaping a harvest.

Unable to handle the yield of the harvest, the Gibeonites have call for the sharecropper. They send for Joshua and company to help them defend their home. Joshua, learned from the previous deception immediately goes to God in prayer. God gives him a confirming word and Joshua gather the Lords army and marches to Gibeon to fight!

Marching for Gibeon!

I find it so appropriate in this time to address the marching on God’s army. Led by Joshua, they marched 3 days to Gibeon to fight to save the people of Gibeon. These same people had collaborated to deceive Joshua and now they are in danger of being destroyed.

Some of you reading would have stayed home and called this justice, but not Joshua! Joshua considered this behavior of an unrighteous man. We like Joshua must be obedient to the Word we preach and teach. God gave us instructions on how to treat neighbors and enemies. Both of these ways are merciful and involve much self reflection. God cares about how we treat others. He set’s an example of this in how He treats and interacts with us. God understands that there are times for war and times for peace, but encourages us to do what we can to live at peace with one another.

Fight or Flight?

Both Peace and War are relatives to circumstances, but both are still a choice. Joshua, knowing that war was being perpetrated with his new ally had to make a choice, fight or flight. He could fight for the lives of Gibeon or flee from the instructions of God and the responsibility of the Covenant. Joshua had the responsibility to defend his neighbor and to stand for the righteous treatment of people even though not deserving.

Joshua as a Seed Sower!

Joshua as a leader had sown many seeds into the Kingdom through Moses and through Israel, and now he will sow further into those that surround him. Joshua would reap this harvest as he lead God’s people. He had experienced the challenges of sowing and the patience that must be had by the one sowing seeds, but was now reaping a mighty harvest from his efforts. Gibeon, sadly is reaping a harvest from its deception, but Joshua is compassionate towards them.

America’s Seed & Strongest Crop

As America ages, we are further troubled by the seeds sown into the ground. This country continues to reap discord because of the seed of racism, an American manufactured seed that was planted in the soil of capitalism, continues to reap a harvest of greed and hatred. The harvest on which we all dine can not be fully enjoyed because it has bitter roots that nourish the fruit that is produced.

Joshua Marched for Gibeon
and for Joshua

Joshua avoids planting seeds of hatred by placing value on the life of his ally. Like him, we must be willing to march to Gibeon, risking our lives to protect those who are being persecuted. We too must gather our resources, and use our skill and technique to insure that the needs of the less fortunate are met. We must march and use the voice given to us, and the name licensed to us to give volume to the chords of those who have lost their voice screaming in the wilderness.

Part of what we must understand is marching for Gibeon is marching for Joshua. Remember, Joshua is still leading! Joshua is still setting an example for how to live and how to forgive. Joshua is setting a standard as God’s spokesman as to how generations to come will respond and live out the Word of God. His actions will lead them to build a Holy City or another Sodom & Gomorrah. You aren’t just marching and fighting for today, you are fighting for tomorrow. Thus, marching for Gibeon is also marching for future Generations!

It’s not You, It’s Me!

Poor Gibeon, I thought. The 5 kings are only attacking them because they know they can not defeat Yahweh and Joshua. They are being persecuted unlawfully. They are being killed out of frustration. They are being oppressed because the 5 kings fear loosing their kingdoms and becoming common.

Waiting on the Savior!

Poor Gibeon, I thought! All they can do is hold on! All they have is hope! All they have is their faith! They sent word for Joshua! They cried out for the savior! They are defending themselves as best they can. They are utilizing every resource within their reach to survive. Poor Gibeon, holding on the hope that Joshua will honor his covenant. Poor Gibeon, having to endure the attacks while waiting for Joshua to arrive. Poor Gibeon, watching it’s citizens die at the hands of the 5 kings, and hoping they can avoid extinction.

Poor Gibeon! Reaching out to a neighbor
that speaks righteously, and having to
wait to see just how righteous righteous is.

Fight for Us
and We might Fight for You!

Sadly, this country that boast of freedom and liberty but never intended it to be for all people. It has been willing to send people into war to defend freedoms which are denied to them. It has sacrificed lives for capital that has not be offered in equal shares. It has build democracy and equality in foreign land, and restricted human decency on its on soil.

Each century we see voices rising from the earth requesting basic human rights, and having to march and fight to get them civilly. Every centuries we watch marginalized groups have to prove they are worth citizenship and to be recognized as civilized or a part of humanity.

He’s Not after You, He’s after Me!

Sadly, we often watch the church:
1. Justify the Actions of the 5 kings
2. Protect Itself and watch Gibeon Perish.

And after acting unjustly, we lift our hands as the standard of Christ as though Christ saved himself and allowed the world to die or allowed the world to get what it deserved. He did nothing of the sorts! He left his Gilgal and met us at Gibeon, gave a voice us all, fight for us by standing in the gap, and then sacrificed His life making sure that we could experience life and life to the full.

He Died so we Could
Obtain Citizenship!

We forget the selflessness of Jesus, who was the sole heir (if you will) to the Kingdom. He came into earth and dwelt among those who had been enemies and law breakers in the Kingdom. He then marched for us, and sacrificed His life to make them citizens on the Kingdom and heirs. As a Gentile nation, we should understand what its like to be a stranger without rights who gained citizenship from the sacrifice of another.

Joshua arrives and defends those He is in covenant with! I am so glad that we serve a God that is marching towards us! I am so glad we serve a God that honors His covenant! I am so glad we serve a God that allows us to make a new start. I am so glad we serve a God that looks past our past. I am so glad we have a God that is willing to walk with us into a marvelous future!

Cheer up Gibeon, Joshua is on the Way!