Her hair was in a bun
French roll to be exact
Charcoal black
Smooth shiny
Like it was sealed with a coat if wax
Her eyes matched
The perfect accessory
Innocently placed
They sat suspended on a beautiful canvas
Accompanied by her nose
An arrow
That pointed him to her
Inviting smile
He was memorized by her presentation
Studying each stroke on the canvas
He fell in love with the work
Giving praise to the creator
He followed His work
Discovering that He had many renderings of the woman with the french roll
The face always the same
The hair style never changed
Yet the renderings were different
Upon closer look
He discovered
A strand of gray
As the works continued
Each one revealed another strand
Until the lone remaining strand was not gray but charcoal

Spiritual Sunglasses ’13

The Coat of Another


The Coat of Another

Today I stood in the cold,

freezing, shivering,

pulling closed my jacket,

protecting my face by the stiff steady wind,

barricaded in my clothes,

covered but still lacking,

areas exposed to natures hand,

it’s strong grip showing me who was the man,

kneeling at it’s feet,

helpless, awaiting the inevitable,

I began to close my eyes,

accepting my fate,

when mercy was extended not a second to late,

I opened my eyes to see

The compassion of another dressed the same,

he removed his coat,

placed it upon my shoulders,

filled with compassion,

he rendered aide while waiting for aide,

gave warmth and comfort while fighting of the bark and bite of circumstances,

I asked not,

but he gave,

responding not to my request,

but to Gods instructions,

fulfilling God’s Word,

by living out what has been written,

the Word came to life before my eyes,

truly being living and active,

not returning void,

I opened my mouth to give thanks,

to the obedient hand,

and praise to a merciful God,

who extended the hand,

to provides shelter to His child that is exposed to harm.


Spiritual Sunglasses ’11

You and I


“You and I”

Eye closes,

Remote in mind,

I rewind the latest episode of You and I,

Eager to replay,




And restore each moment,

My mind on the edge of it’s seat,

Searching through the catalog,

Reading the show summary,

I push play,

Sitting physically in traffic,

Mentally laying in your arms,

Bumper to bumper in traffic,

Face to face in my mind,

We stand eye to eye,

Lip to lip,

Nose to nose,

I pause the episode to take in the frame,

Engrossed by the passion in your eyes,

Hypnotized by the gentleness of your lips,

Your beauty fills my mind;

Inching along slow,

Oblivious to my surroundings,

Fully submerged into the deep,

I am immersed into your water,

Your hair a gentle wave,

My hand stirs the water as I ride to your coast,

Overwhelmed I am,

Realizing I am still in the opening scene of You and I,

Knowing that my eyes have caught but a glimpse of your majestic sky;

I step back and take a sip of your aroma,

Made fine with time,

The body of your love is full and smooth,

Lingering on my tongue like an expensive wine,

I behold your skyline,

Your curves in HD,

Your touch is 4G,

Your voice digital,

Your passion indispensable,

My mind records each touch,

Like the finest DVR,

Thus I replay episodes of You and I,

Whether you are nearly far,

I rerun episodes of You and I,

Our passion is in syndication,

Rewound and replayed on the greatest screen of all times,

My mind,

Your voice in surround sound,

I have rehearsed each line,

Memorized each glance,

I can recount each scene,

Two characters,

One love,

We are must see tv,

Filmed in front of an audience of two,

Privately screened inside our minds,

I know what’s next well before the next scene appears,

And though I know the end,

Fast forward is not an option,

I watch each episode in it’s entirety,

Capturing new details each time in my eye,

Making me appreciate each episode more with every view of

You and I


Spiritual Sunglasses ’11

The Truth Is…


The truth is

I never feel worthy

Actually I feel very worthy,


Worthy of punishment



And hardship

Thus I don’t complain when I go through


Because it’s the one time

I feel God is being fair

Not just

Because I deserve worse

Collecting my thoughts like change


Taking inventory


My body a house in which sin is abundant

The memories of which I collect

Consider me a hoarder

And the Spirit a cleaning service

Removing the filth collected from

The life of one out of control,

And computing I find my balance in the red

Totaled out by a hand,


Marked with the ink in a fountain pen

Filled with blood monogrammed with the name oh Yahweh

I walk around in a life that doesn’t belong to me

Abusing merchandise

I don’t own

Wearing it

Hoping to have enough time

To clean it up

Before the owner calls for it to be returned

Using His Word to stitch together what I have torn

Dipping in the blood daily to scrub out the spot I created in my disobedience,

Applying his love like a mighty balm

To heal my souls’ mind that have the wear and tear of my ignorance

See, the truth is

I wouldn’t choose myself in a Spiritual beauty pagent

But the talent portion of the show revealed a gift

A bidding war began

And the auction price was driven to the max

And I was purchased,


And though I am worth nothing

The set price on my life is everything

The truth is,

The value of an item is set by the one who desires to own it,


Not by the item,

And that is what the truth is.


Spiritual Sunglasses ’11

The Next Breath


Looking for an escape hatch,
Hands and knees,
Crawling on the floor,
Smoke above,
Avoiding the fumes of tragedy
Avoiding the fumes of failure
For clean air
Desperate for Oxygen
Aware of the looming disaster
But rejecting the thought
Of this disaster being the distraction that will lead to destruction
I grab for the word,
As my filter
Keeping my heart and lungs
Free from toxins,
Searching for a route to freedom
Locked out while holding the keys to the kingdom
An X marks my spot,
A Cross marks my destination

Spiritual Sunglasses ’12

Our First Kiss…


It was as though God Himself

Leaned over a pile of dust

Gathered my nostrils

And breathed



And I exhaled 

Seeing life for the first time

My eyes open like  a sunrise;

Your love unleashed 

 Released love 

That love

Brought life

And life bred passion

Passion sparking desire

Desire yielding thirst 

To experience  

Another breath

Your exhale was my inhale

Dust hydrated and became flesh 

Nerves formed with a beginning and ending

Like a 100G signal

Instantly downloading 

Creating memories 

In my mind 

An unlimited capacity for you 

Writing over prior downloads

Of shareware without a virus protection plan,

Your love released an update that removed all harmful files,

Cleaning up my hard drive

And installed an operating system

Defining what it is to live

Revealing life

Holding your hand 

Identified the pursuit of happiness

All from our first kiss

 Spiritual Sunglasses ‘13