Our First Kiss…


It was as though God Himself

Leaned over a pile of dust

Gathered my nostrils

And breathed



And I exhaled 

Seeing life for the first time

My eyes open like  a sunrise;

Your love unleashed 

 Released love 

That love

Brought life

And life bred passion

Passion sparking desire

Desire yielding thirst 

To experience  

Another breath

Your exhale was my inhale

Dust hydrated and became flesh 

Nerves formed with a beginning and ending

Like a 100G signal

Instantly downloading 

Creating memories 

In my mind 

An unlimited capacity for you 

Writing over prior downloads

Of shareware without a virus protection plan,

Your love released an update that removed all harmful files,

Cleaning up my hard drive

And installed an operating system

Defining what it is to live

Revealing life

Holding your hand 

Identified the pursuit of happiness

All from our first kiss

 Spiritual Sunglasses ‘13



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