The Coat of Another


The Coat of Another

Today I stood in the cold,

freezing, shivering,

pulling closed my jacket,

protecting my face by the stiff steady wind,

barricaded in my clothes,

covered but still lacking,

areas exposed to natures hand,

it’s strong grip showing me who was the man,

kneeling at it’s feet,

helpless, awaiting the inevitable,

I began to close my eyes,

accepting my fate,

when mercy was extended not a second to late,

I opened my eyes to see

The compassion of another dressed the same,

he removed his coat,

placed it upon my shoulders,

filled with compassion,

he rendered aide while waiting for aide,

gave warmth and comfort while fighting of the bark and bite of circumstances,

I asked not,

but he gave,

responding not to my request,

but to Gods instructions,

fulfilling God’s Word,

by living out what has been written,

the Word came to life before my eyes,

truly being living and active,

not returning void,

I opened my mouth to give thanks,

to the obedient hand,

and praise to a merciful God,

who extended the hand,

to provides shelter to His child that is exposed to harm.


Spiritual Sunglasses ’11


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