Creation of the Creator


When I Consider
The Creator
And His
To His Creation
The Comfort
That Accompanies
His Care
I Cry out
His awareness
Of what is Needed
To Create
And grow;
Rain on que
Shade with a thought
Sunlight from the above
Nutrients from below
And water with one mention
I am in awe of the Creator
In love with His creation
Awestruck by His structure
Mesmerized by His infrastructure
Impressed with each detail
I sit in the mirror
Wondering why each stroke exist
Knowing that each one
Was intentional
Nothing out of place
Because in Him
There is no waste
Thus I celebrate
Knowing I’m not a casual work
Unfinished or lacking purpose
You Framed me in Eternity
And Displayed me
In Your Art Gallery
For All of Creation to See
The Complexities of Your Creativity
And the Simplicity of Beauty
Invaluable I Am
Increasing in Value
Because you died
Leaving behind Me
Your One of a Kind work to testify of
Your genius.

Spiritual Sunglasses ’13