Free Falling; The Chute Pt. 1


Wrote to a friend…”It’s the moment you realize you have jumped from the plane and are praying that the parachute works.”

Ahh, enjoying worldly activities at times can feel like the Christian National Past Time. We have all been there, caught in our trespass, bound to sin; smiling ear to ear singing, “reunited and it feels so good!”

Yes; you have jumped out of the airplane! You are plummeting hundreds of miles an hour towards death, and now you are wondering 1. Does this parachute work? 2. When should I pull the rip chord?

1. Does this Chute work?

This is generally asked by a new convert or first time re-offender. Finding oneself entangled after being freed is an embarrassing and harrowing experience; but even more embarrassing is not knowing how to work the equipment provided to the believer.

In these times, must reach for the rip chord of 1. The Word and the counsel of 2. The Holy Spirit, our dive instructor.

Much like sky diving, it is best to learn how to use the equipment in a non-jump situation, hence we must study to prepare ourselves to face the free falls of life, so in the midst of our plummet, our training takes over!

With training, one can survive the plummet and re-take control of their lives. The backslidden state last as long as the participant chooses to remain in it or until the plummet ends. Yes; the chute works, but you still have to pull the rip chord.

1 John 3:6

Beside Every Man….


Reflection. Beside every man is a good woman.

It has been said, beside or behind every great man is a great woman. Generally, this statement gives honor and praise to the spouse of said great man alone; but I want to extend the coverage in this writing.

20 years ago, I began a relationship with the love of my life! Our friendship blossomed like a flowered perfectly positioned in the sunlight and just feet from the sprinkler head. We became inseparable, eventually becoming one in covenant and walking hand and hand towards Gods promise. She was truly my promised land; a fruitful place, flowing with milk and with honey.

As I thanked God for her today, As I thought of the above statement. I was reminded that the prior 19 years were too accompanied with a woman that walked by side and prepared me for God’s promise; that being my mother.

A successful farmer is trained through teaching; either by watching another successful farmer and practicing what has been learned via watching from afar or through becoming and apprentice of sorts and walking in the footsteps. This training is key because the student learns two things: 1. What to do 2. What not to do. Without said training, one could have a fertile land that is barren, unfruitful and unprofitable.

This training helped me recognize the value of the land before me, and has aided me in cultivating the it, yielding a harvest that I see growing and being prepared to feed a starving people hungry for truth.

I’m excited about the future! I have a great woman beside me, and I smile each day, as I am allowed to play a role in the rearing of 5 women who will eventually combine their greatness with a great man who will one day have the pleasure of having future thoughts. Hmm; maybe he will write a similar post in the future!

Hybrid Living Pt. 2


Recently, while stuck in traffic, I noticed there were more hybrid vehicles on the road. While looking at this vehicle, the thought occurred that too are hybrids. We have the ability to operate under two power sources; the flesh and the Spirit.

The vehicle offers one the option to choose one source over the other, or the alternate power source can be used if the initial choice becomes empty.

As believers, I running short spiritually, causing us to rely on our flesh on the journey. This happens when we don’t 1. Recharge, 2. Take advantage of refueling stations 3. Misjudge the amount of fuel left.

All 3, will leave us stranded and are a result of a lack of attention to our spiritual status.

I smile as I complete this thought, seeing the image of road side assistance coming to our aide. I am thankful that in my stranded situations, I have never been forsaken. God always sends a Word! Sometimes it’s just a gallon or encouragement and support from a Samaritan, other times its a full tank on Sunday, or a tow from a phone call on Wednesday. God always provides.

1 Kings 19:8

The Intersection of Ability & Character


It occurred to me while digesting the quote taken from Dr. RA Vernon, that it is possible for people to believe there is more in you, while doubting that more will come out of you!

Believing in someone and believing someone are two different things. Believing in someone, speaks more to their ability, while believing someone, speaks about ones character.

Where ability and character intersect, ones sphere of influence and diameter of impact is the greatest.


Talk Your Way Out of It…

While reading this morning, I reflected upon a childhood feeling.  As a child, and being a conversationalist and talker, I was confident (more like foolish enough to believe) that I could talk my way out of any trouble I got myself into.
As I walked, I thought of Proverbs 18:21 (Who knew as a child I was somewhat living out a Biblical principle 🙂 ); and upon reading it, tweeted,  “Feelings of despair and desperation are dismissed with divine dialogue.  Proverbs 18:21” 
With each step, I became keenly aware that my thoughts can be countered and directed with my conversation; both verbal and non-verbal.  I wondered how many situations have lasted beyond their time because of my thoughts and words.  Could it be that our current situation could have ended years ago with one confession?  Our words have the ability to shed light in the midst of darkness and despair, thus, our confession must be monitored and specifically directed to shed light through the darkness, dispelling the darkness of our situation.  My High School student speaks of a day at schooled called “opposite day”.
What if we were to take this approach towards our situations?  What if we committed to confess the opposite of what we feel, fear or think? 
I am convinced today; much like the feeling I had as a child, that we can “Talk Your Way Out of it!”  You are only trapped by your thoughts and belief.  You are cornered by your faith or lack there of.  You are pinned down by your confession, and the key to unlocking your cell is found in your mouth.
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Hybrid Living Pt. 1


Recently, while stuck in traffic, I noticed there were more Hybrid vehicles on the road. These vehicles have the ability to run both on electric power and gas power, using multiple fuel sources to be economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

While looking at this vehicle, the thought occurred that we too are hybrids. We have the ability to operate under two power sources; the flesh and the Spirit.

Unlike the Hybrid vehicle, our duel power source is not a positive or a selling point of the faith. Though many of us find ourselves alternating furl sources, the design for us is to use one fuel source to complete our journey; the Spirit!

Romans 8:4