Holding on to the Life Raft is Also a Cause for Concern


“Recently, I wrote a friend wrote “surviving” to the question “how are you doing”; to which I replied, “That’s all good, but holding on to the life raft is also a cause for concern…”

When we encounter life events, they give us the power to make to create or avoid chaos. My concern is that many of us are choosing to create chaos as opposed to avoiding chaos.

Though the raft has saved many lives, being saved by the life raft foolishly causes some to take risks with life that are unwarranted. Being rescued can create a false sense of security, in that one can mistakenly assume that the raft will readily available if they ever capsize or jump over board. The life raft is designed to be used to help those who have found themselves in an emergency, not as a permanent mode of transportation. However, the count of those who have been “yet holding on” for years at a time remains consistent.

Upon writing, I heard the words, “go and sin no more”. Looking at the woman caught in adultery, I was able to see myself and many others. Her decisions placed her in a bad position, she found herself over board, she was given the life raft, and then she was given an instruction by Jesus, to “go and sin no more”.

In this, is both the encouragement not to take depreciate or to be unappreciative of the mercy, grace and forgiveness given by our Lord; and furthermore the instruction to make decisions in the future that place ourselves a stone’s throw from death. The issue with many of us is not the “go” but the “sin no more”. We are eager to move from the chaotic life event with a powerful testimony; but we still revisit and reenlist in the same trap that once held us.

It is great to know that Jesus saves, that He never leaves us nor will He forsake us, but in our daily lives, we are reminded that we are not to continue in our sin because of the grace that is given to us, and that we must take full advantage of the salvation of God, not just for eternity, but in the freedom that is given to us to be in control of our flesh and to avoid living in a state of sin that continues to place us in chaos.


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