Talk Your Way Out of It…

While reading this morning, I reflected upon a childhood feeling.  As a child, and being a conversationalist and talker, I was confident (more like foolish enough to believe) that I could talk my way out of any trouble I got myself into.
As I walked, I thought of Proverbs 18:21 (Who knew as a child I was somewhat living out a Biblical principle 🙂 ); and upon reading it, tweeted,  “Feelings of despair and desperation are dismissed with divine dialogue.  Proverbs 18:21” 
With each step, I became keenly aware that my thoughts can be countered and directed with my conversation; both verbal and non-verbal.  I wondered how many situations have lasted beyond their time because of my thoughts and words.  Could it be that our current situation could have ended years ago with one confession?  Our words have the ability to shed light in the midst of darkness and despair, thus, our confession must be monitored and specifically directed to shed light through the darkness, dispelling the darkness of our situation.  My High School student speaks of a day at schooled called “opposite day”.
What if we were to take this approach towards our situations?  What if we committed to confess the opposite of what we feel, fear or think? 
I am convinced today; much like the feeling I had as a child, that we can “Talk Your Way Out of it!”  You are only trapped by your thoughts and belief.  You are cornered by your faith or lack there of.  You are pinned down by your confession, and the key to unlocking your cell is found in your mouth.
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