Hybrid Living Pt. 2


Recently, while stuck in traffic, I noticed there were more hybrid vehicles on the road. While looking at this vehicle, the thought occurred that too are hybrids. We have the ability to operate under two power sources; the flesh and the Spirit.

The vehicle offers one the option to choose one source over the other, or the alternate power source can be used if the initial choice becomes empty.

As believers, I running short spiritually, causing us to rely on our flesh on the journey. This happens when we don’t 1. Recharge, 2. Take advantage of refueling stations 3. Misjudge the amount of fuel left.

All 3, will leave us stranded and are a result of a lack of attention to our spiritual status.

I smile as I complete this thought, seeing the image of road side assistance coming to our aide. I am thankful that in my stranded situations, I have never been forsaken. God always sends a Word! Sometimes it’s just a gallon or encouragement and support from a Samaritan, other times its a full tank on Sunday, or a tow from a phone call on Wednesday. God always provides.

1 Kings 19:8


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