Beside Every Man….


Reflection. Beside every man is a good woman.

It has been said, beside or behind every great man is a great woman. Generally, this statement gives honor and praise to the spouse of said great man alone; but I want to extend the coverage in this writing.

20 years ago, I began a relationship with the love of my life! Our friendship blossomed like a flowered perfectly positioned in the sunlight and just feet from the sprinkler head. We became inseparable, eventually becoming one in covenant and walking hand and hand towards Gods promise. She was truly my promised land; a fruitful place, flowing with milk and with honey.

As I thanked God for her today, As I thought of the above statement. I was reminded that the prior 19 years were too accompanied with a woman that walked by side and prepared me for God’s promise; that being my mother.

A successful farmer is trained through teaching; either by watching another successful farmer and practicing what has been learned via watching from afar or through becoming and apprentice of sorts and walking in the footsteps. This training is key because the student learns two things: 1. What to do 2. What not to do. Without said training, one could have a fertile land that is barren, unfruitful and unprofitable.

This training helped me recognize the value of the land before me, and has aided me in cultivating the it, yielding a harvest that I see growing and being prepared to feed a starving people hungry for truth.

I’m excited about the future! I have a great woman beside me, and I smile each day, as I am allowed to play a role in the rearing of 5 women who will eventually combine their greatness with a great man who will one day have the pleasure of having future thoughts. Hmm; maybe he will write a similar post in the future!


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