Free Falling; The Chute Pt. 1


Wrote to a friend…”It’s the moment you realize you have jumped from the plane and are praying that the parachute works.”

Ahh, enjoying worldly activities at times can feel like the Christian National Past Time. We have all been there, caught in our trespass, bound to sin; smiling ear to ear singing, “reunited and it feels so good!”

Yes; you have jumped out of the airplane! You are plummeting hundreds of miles an hour towards death, and now you are wondering 1. Does this parachute work? 2. When should I pull the rip chord?

1. Does this Chute work?

This is generally asked by a new convert or first time re-offender. Finding oneself entangled after being freed is an embarrassing and harrowing experience; but even more embarrassing is not knowing how to work the equipment provided to the believer.

In these times, must reach for the rip chord of 1. The Word and the counsel of 2. The Holy Spirit, our dive instructor.

Much like sky diving, it is best to learn how to use the equipment in a non-jump situation, hence we must study to prepare ourselves to face the free falls of life, so in the midst of our plummet, our training takes over!

With training, one can survive the plummet and re-take control of their lives. The backslidden state last as long as the participant chooses to remain in it or until the plummet ends. Yes; the chute works, but you still have to pull the rip chord.

1 John 3:6


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