Just Have Faith…


A powerful campaign swept the country years ago by one of the nations largest companies called Nike called Just do it! This campaign had people pumped up about working out. This campaign had people believing that they could run faster and jump higher all because of the power of a brand and a company’s track record with successful athletes.nike-just-do-it

Well, I present to you today no brand, no stellar athletes, no formulas, no secrets, just the truth presented by a spokesman who has tried, tested, and found to be true a product, if you will, that we all have access too, and which cost us nothing; FAITH!!!

Yes, Faith!!! Gods’ Word informs us that this element of our thinking and approach to life and towards His thrown will determine how much and how little we can do and accomplish in life. The shame is that many of us have a faith that stops right after the confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior, but Jesus himself informs us that our faith is to move us far beyond a decision to walk with Him. Our faith should be the vehicle that, like the shoe campaign of Nike, encourages all of us to attack life with an entirely new vigor, understanding that what was impossible, what was out of reach, what was unobtainable, is now conquerable, doable, completeable, (are those words?)

There are some things that we are all currently facing, and I hear God screaming, not “Just do it”, but “Just have Faith”. “Just have Faith” and you will be victorious. “Just have faith” and you will be successful. “Just have Faith” and you will be healed. “Just have Faith” and you will be delivered. “Just have Faith” and you will overcome. “Just have Faith”!!!

One of the beautiful things about this passage is that God lets us know that our confidence in Him will allow us to do things without the stress and without the headache. God says to us, don’t let your current situation get you down, “Just have Faith”, and I will bring you out. God only gives us one responsibility in this process, and that’s to speak.
First, speak to yourself. Then, Speak to your situation, Then Speak praises to God. “Just have Faith”!!!!!


The Sequestered Jury


It has come to my attention that God has issued a new gift and honor in the body of Christ.  I read for it, but have yet to find it, but I see them operating before my eyes on a regular, thus I know that they exist. I know you have seen them, and might yourself even be one of them: “The Sequestered Jury”.

I have recently learned, apparently, that God has called a few select individuals to serve as a jury for their peers, to make judgment calls as to whether they are able to enter the kingdom. These special individuals review the life and body of work of an individual, and based upon their own opinion and speculation upon the presented evidence, are able to decide if a person spends eternity in heaven or banished to hell.Scales_of_justice

This past Wed, I found myself arguing people into heaven that have been thus deemed un-worthy of being in the presence of God (of course all those serving on the panel are completely worthy :). I placed an argument and was successful on getting most people in: Jeffrey Dahmer, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Kurt Kovain, the Catholic Priest (It took some serious debate on these guys), Andrea Yates (You know this was a long discussion), but there was a group that I could not get in. The jury wasn’t even hung, they were saying NO!!! Who is this group you ask? “fathers that abandon families, pay child support or don’t raise their children.”

Ok, you understand why the jury was so set on sending these guys to hell, but a news flash was issued. “For God so loved the world”. End of discussion. Of course it’s not that simple, but what God was saying to me is I died for everyone (as the scripture clearly states), but many of us read the scriptures differently: For God so loved the world, except the dad that abandoned me. God loved….except the person who abused me, except the person that lied to me, except the person the stole from me.

The reality is, even though these people have done a wrong, sending them to hell won’t make that wrong right. Besides, we (excluding those of you that registered in Heaven and have received your heavenly voter registration card) don’t even have the right to decide if they are able to get in or not, but what we do know is that our un-forgiveness can cut off communication and blessings from the source that is available to us through our confession of faith.

Even Jesus did not have a message of condemnation, but one of reconciliation. We must take the next step to be more like Him. It will be hard, but God Loves this world and died for it and we too must love it the same way with the same heart and with the same mind. It starts with forgiveness.

Those of you that have your voter’s card shred it. You really don’t want the responsibility and weight of condemning someone to live apart from Christ forever. If you are a child of the King, you don’t have enough hate in you to warrant that punishment!!!!

http://www.blackplanet.com/InternetPastor (10.2007)

Growing Together; Growing Apart Pt. 2


Manifestations of a Tree

Relationship are either nurtured for growth or neglected and wither away.  What makes for a successful relationship and how does one avoid having many hanging stems for friendships with few blooms?untitled (5)

Though the phrases “growing together” and “growing apart” are most often associated with marriages or in dating relationships, it is also germane to our friendship.  Our friendships require a nurturing and a washing, much like our romantic relationships.  For this blog, we have chosen to use the formula:

{  T (time) /D (distance) }  x  E (effort) = G (growth)

The parenthesis of the equation is key to any healthy friendship.  Friendships require nurturing through an investment of personal time.  Personal is attached to Time because Corporate Time and Personal Time are both investments but yield a different product.  Time is important to relationships because it helps to build and solidify the relationship, giving opportunities for support and to build layers of…

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Waiting for a bite…


Recently, I wrote to a friend,

“”As for moving on, healing takes time. Its like fishing, you put the line of healing out there, and have to be patient enough for the fish to bite. Sometimes you have to try new lures, switch baits, cast in different areas, but you always have to wait!”

It’s amazing how quickly we expect those to heal after we have maimed them.  In case after case, I hear our words serving as venom, and our tongue more than willing to release them upon those who we deem deserving of pain or just near when we are hurting and need someone to hurt with us.  Encounter after encounter, innocent and unsuspecting victims cross our paths, only warned when moments away from our strike.   It’s too late!  A quick tongue lashing followed by tears and the slow deterioration of that which once contained life.  You watch as your victim leaves their stance, to kneeling as you stand over them feeling the power of wounding a victim; slowly feeling the remorse of sacrificing an innocent prey for your own esteem and amusement.

snake mouth

What is amazing is the damage venom causes.  With little effort it can render a perfectly healthy individual lifeless, and this within minutes of the bite.  Though the effort to bite is little, and the effectiveness of the venom is not lengthy, we must understand that the healing takes longer than the bite and is lengthier than the time the venom was active and working on the prey.  Though the venom might be removed from the victim, the victim still show the effects of the bite, often having to rehabilitate and some loose the effectiveness of their limbs for the duration of their life span.

What now?  Oh, an apology? Great idea!  The antidote to the venom of your words.  A word to the wise, the potency and healing power of the apology is found in the belief of the victim as to the sincerity of the biter.  After all, who would accept an apology to heal for a week, when they are aware that the following week will be a bite and another fight with the venom?

So, you still waiting for a bite?  Still enjoy maiming people with your words?  Slowly realizing that your constant striking has slowly placed you into isolation?  Now aware that those who once drew near, now feed you with a long spoon?

It is amazing how many of us have experience the power and potency of the venom of words towards us, but are willing to inflict the same pain and trauma on others.  Then we have the audacity hold our victims accountable to the requirements of our faith; demanding forgiveness and healing.   Furthermore, it’s comical how the inflicted of pain further victimizes the injured by insisting their lengthy healing process is a sign of immaturity and somehow can not see the immaturity they have in not saying the words that harmed the victim.  Interestingly enough, if we speaker was listening and following the Word, there would be no injury to apply the Word towards.

Ephesians 4:29

Growing Together; Growing Apart Pt. 1


Here is a blog my wife & I wrote together…

Manifestations of a Tree

I have come to realize in this life, growing is a constant. Though I could focus on exanding waist lines and the boundary of gray hairs emerging, there is a growth in mind to address in this post.

As I have spoken with both friends and family, two statements are common in relationships 1. We have grown together 2. We have grown apart.

Growing apart…

When taking a closer look at those who have made the statement; “We have grown apart”, we find a truth of relationships; there is always movement.  The word “growing” reveals an undetermined timeline.  Because growing takes time, we are made aware that this process is not one that takes place over night.  “Apart” shows us that a tear has occurred in a relationship that was once together; producing separation.  Growing apart takes place when those in relationship remove focus from each other to self.  Becoming me focused is the first sign of a relationship…

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Making Self make Selfless Decisions


Being a part of a team is one of the most precious experiences one can have; arguably only topped by being on a successful team.  Teams are not always successful, and when teams fail, individuals must account for their role is the loss.  

Throwing Jonah Overboard

Jonah Overboard

Teams are made up of many working parts, thus the success of the whole is relative to the performance of each.  While it is true, that good teams publicly present a united front; refusing to place blame, the private reality of not performing requires is the team failure can be tracked to an isolated failure by an individual to perform.

Our brother Jonah found himself on a ship that was sinking.  Despite the skill of the crew and their efforts to stay afloat, their demise was inevitable because of 1 piece of cargo, that was out of place. 

Though all were confused, Jonah knew the life of all on board was in his decision to offer himself up to be thrown into the sea.  He decided that the life of others was worth saving, thus he made himself make a selfless decisions.  And upon their obedience, the team was saved and Jonah was able to get life aligned with God’s will.

Often, those in power take pride in the removal of those who have not performed their duties well, but as believers, we must demonstrate the same love in ones exit as we do in they boarded the ship.  Their removal of Jonah was personal and no pleasure was taken in it.  The team considered all information and was forced to make a decision based upon the whole.  Though it seemed cruel and unmerciful to cast Jonah over, both he and those aboard knew it was the best and the right move for all parties.  

 In periods of decline and struggle, the team has to do an assessment as well as the individuals must make a self assessment.  Taking the time to reflect on oneself and ones performance is key to the success of  the team and the success of teams one might lead or join in the future.