Free Falling; The Chute Pt. 2


“It’s the moment you realize you have jumped from the plane and are praying that the parachute works.”

Sin is just that; a decision to jump, which is for most; one step off the edge to a downward spiral.

Yes; you jumped from the airplane! You are plummeting hundreds of miles an hour towards death, and now you are wondering 1. Does the parachute 2. When should I pull the rip chord?

This second question is the more popular of the two. The careless and lawlessness that accompanies sin often makes that which is undesired feel desirable! One would think that the knowledge of the awaiting land mass would cause one to pull the chute right away, but the ability to see the up and coming moments cause us to delay pulling until the very last moment.

Sadly, many perish and are lost, not recognizing the increase of speed during the plummet.

As a believer, we must main soberly aware that the fall has always lead to fatalities.

A heads up, the ground is always closer than it appears; furthermore, the chute needs time to slow your speed!

Romans 1:28


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