Kingdom or Medom…Kingdom Killers


Recently I read a blog that inspire much thought (3 Little Letters). In short, it talks about three letters, S.D.G., that Bach would begin and end all of his compositions with; which translated means Glory to God alone.

I replied to this post “…even in our desire to be used to do great things for the Kingdom is a little self that must be shown the door.”

One of the many travesties I have witnessed in my own existence is the effect that ego and self have on Kingdom work. Upon reading this blog, I was taken back to my youth.

I had the privilege of being a part of a body of believers that was being used to do great things for the Kingdom. Buildings being erected, ministries booming, over flow filled each week, pulpit filled with sons on the ministry, front row stacked with leaders, other rows stocked with supporters. I have also had the displeasure of returning to the same place and finding the life has turned into ruins.

Later in life, I was privileged to attend a once great congregation, surviving on its rich history, name and tradition.  Sunday after Sunday, we watched as great preaching, yielded diminishing numbers, produced frustrated members, resulting in fights, power struggles, and rebellion.  All who attended could see that there was life in Christ, but didn’t find life among the congregation.  Able to sustain itself through the monetary contributions of a few faithful,  it continued on, with vacancy after vacancy in the pulpit, leaving the church in a constant state of unrest.

Shamefully, much like the God’s people, these congregations were restricted to wander, while the dinosaurs became fossils, to be dug up and studied by archaeologist whom were fascinated with congregations with such life became extinct.

Well, reading this blog yielded one word; EGO!  In both situations, one could make a strong argument that the churches became more Medoms than Kingdoms.  What began as a venture to bring pleasure to the King of Kings, became a Ego driven campaign for power, positions, popularity and prosperity.   Egos have no place in the pulpit or the pew.  The Bible says plainly, fall follows pride, and humbles those who are proud, choosing to exalt those who keep Him as the focus.

There is an “I” in Kingdom, but there is no “Me” or “My”.  The Kingdom does not belong to us; it is entrusted to us!  The “I” in Kingdom is merely the role we play to bring about heaven here on earth and not any sign of ownership despite our names on buildings, programs and signs.    Appropriately, found in the word “King” is the “I”, helping us see that we must remain in the King and submit to His will in order to continue seeing His Kingdom prosper here on earth.  We must remain committed to bringing Him glory; appreciative, but not consumed by the many cheers and applause given or accolades of those few confused that attribute the work of God to us because it came through our hands.

My prayer after reading the above blog  and writing this blog, is in life, Ego is always answered with Glory to God alone.

1 Corinthians 10:31


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