Making Self make Selfless Decisions


Being a part of a team is one of the most precious experiences one can have; arguably only topped by being on a successful team.  Teams are not always successful, and when teams fail, individuals must account for their role is the loss.  

Throwing Jonah Overboard

Jonah Overboard

Teams are made up of many working parts, thus the success of the whole is relative to the performance of each.  While it is true, that good teams publicly present a united front; refusing to place blame, the private reality of not performing requires is the team failure can be tracked to an isolated failure by an individual to perform.

Our brother Jonah found himself on a ship that was sinking.  Despite the skill of the crew and their efforts to stay afloat, their demise was inevitable because of 1 piece of cargo, that was out of place. 

Though all were confused, Jonah knew the life of all on board was in his decision to offer himself up to be thrown into the sea.  He decided that the life of others was worth saving, thus he made himself make a selfless decisions.  And upon their obedience, the team was saved and Jonah was able to get life aligned with God’s will.

Often, those in power take pride in the removal of those who have not performed their duties well, but as believers, we must demonstrate the same love in ones exit as we do in they boarded the ship.  Their removal of Jonah was personal and no pleasure was taken in it.  The team considered all information and was forced to make a decision based upon the whole.  Though it seemed cruel and unmerciful to cast Jonah over, both he and those aboard knew it was the best and the right move for all parties.  

 In periods of decline and struggle, the team has to do an assessment as well as the individuals must make a self assessment.  Taking the time to reflect on oneself and ones performance is key to the success of  the team and the success of teams one might lead or join in the future.  


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