Growing Together; Growing Apart Pt. 1


Here is a blog my wife & I wrote together…

Manifestations of a Tree

I have come to realize in this life, growing is a constant. Though I could focus on exanding waist lines and the boundary of gray hairs emerging, there is a growth in mind to address in this post.

As I have spoken with both friends and family, two statements are common in relationships 1. We have grown together 2. We have grown apart.

Growing apart…

When taking a closer look at those who have made the statement; “We have grown apart”, we find a truth of relationships; there is always movement.  The word “growing” reveals an undetermined timeline.  Because growing takes time, we are made aware that this process is not one that takes place over night.  “Apart” shows us that a tear has occurred in a relationship that was once together; producing separation.  Growing apart takes place when those in relationship remove focus from each other to self.  Becoming me focused is the first sign of a relationship…

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