Waiting for a bite…


Recently, I wrote to a friend,

“”As for moving on, healing takes time. Its like fishing, you put the line of healing out there, and have to be patient enough for the fish to bite. Sometimes you have to try new lures, switch baits, cast in different areas, but you always have to wait!”

It’s amazing how quickly we expect those to heal after we have maimed them.  In case after case, I hear our words serving as venom, and our tongue more than willing to release them upon those who we deem deserving of pain or just near when we are hurting and need someone to hurt with us.  Encounter after encounter, innocent and unsuspecting victims cross our paths, only warned when moments away from our strike.   It’s too late!  A quick tongue lashing followed by tears and the slow deterioration of that which once contained life.  You watch as your victim leaves their stance, to kneeling as you stand over them feeling the power of wounding a victim; slowly feeling the remorse of sacrificing an innocent prey for your own esteem and amusement.

snake mouth

What is amazing is the damage venom causes.  With little effort it can render a perfectly healthy individual lifeless, and this within minutes of the bite.  Though the effort to bite is little, and the effectiveness of the venom is not lengthy, we must understand that the healing takes longer than the bite and is lengthier than the time the venom was active and working on the prey.  Though the venom might be removed from the victim, the victim still show the effects of the bite, often having to rehabilitate and some loose the effectiveness of their limbs for the duration of their life span.

What now?  Oh, an apology? Great idea!  The antidote to the venom of your words.  A word to the wise, the potency and healing power of the apology is found in the belief of the victim as to the sincerity of the biter.  After all, who would accept an apology to heal for a week, when they are aware that the following week will be a bite and another fight with the venom?

So, you still waiting for a bite?  Still enjoy maiming people with your words?  Slowly realizing that your constant striking has slowly placed you into isolation?  Now aware that those who once drew near, now feed you with a long spoon?

It is amazing how many of us have experience the power and potency of the venom of words towards us, but are willing to inflict the same pain and trauma on others.  Then we have the audacity hold our victims accountable to the requirements of our faith; demanding forgiveness and healing.   Furthermore, it’s comical how the inflicted of pain further victimizes the injured by insisting their lengthy healing process is a sign of immaturity and somehow can not see the immaturity they have in not saying the words that harmed the victim.  Interestingly enough, if we speaker was listening and following the Word, there would be no injury to apply the Word towards.

Ephesians 4:29


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