Growing Together; Growing Apart Pt. 2


Manifestations of a Tree

Relationship are either nurtured for growth or neglected and wither away.  What makes for a successful relationship and how does one avoid having many hanging stems for friendships with few blooms?untitled (5)

Though the phrases “growing together” and “growing apart” are most often associated with marriages or in dating relationships, it is also germane to our friendship.  Our friendships require a nurturing and a washing, much like our romantic relationships.  For this blog, we have chosen to use the formula:

{  T (time) /D (distance) }  x  E (effort) = G (growth)

The parenthesis of the equation is key to any healthy friendship.  Friendships require nurturing through an investment of personal time.  Personal is attached to Time because Corporate Time and Personal Time are both investments but yield a different product.  Time is important to relationships because it helps to build and solidify the relationship, giving opportunities for support and to build layers of…

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