The Sequestered Jury


It has come to my attention that God has issued a new gift and honor in the body of Christ.  I read for it, but have yet to find it, but I see them operating before my eyes on a regular, thus I know that they exist. I know you have seen them, and might yourself even be one of them: “The Sequestered Jury”.

I have recently learned, apparently, that God has called a few select individuals to serve as a jury for their peers, to make judgment calls as to whether they are able to enter the kingdom. These special individuals review the life and body of work of an individual, and based upon their own opinion and speculation upon the presented evidence, are able to decide if a person spends eternity in heaven or banished to hell.Scales_of_justice

This past Wed, I found myself arguing people into heaven that have been thus deemed un-worthy of being in the presence of God (of course all those serving on the panel are completely worthy :). I placed an argument and was successful on getting most people in: Jeffrey Dahmer, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Kurt Kovain, the Catholic Priest (It took some serious debate on these guys), Andrea Yates (You know this was a long discussion), but there was a group that I could not get in. The jury wasn’t even hung, they were saying NO!!! Who is this group you ask? “fathers that abandon families, pay child support or don’t raise their children.”

Ok, you understand why the jury was so set on sending these guys to hell, but a news flash was issued. “For God so loved the world”. End of discussion. Of course it’s not that simple, but what God was saying to me is I died for everyone (as the scripture clearly states), but many of us read the scriptures differently: For God so loved the world, except the dad that abandoned me. God loved….except the person who abused me, except the person that lied to me, except the person the stole from me.

The reality is, even though these people have done a wrong, sending them to hell won’t make that wrong right. Besides, we (excluding those of you that registered in Heaven and have received your heavenly voter registration card) don’t even have the right to decide if they are able to get in or not, but what we do know is that our un-forgiveness can cut off communication and blessings from the source that is available to us through our confession of faith.

Even Jesus did not have a message of condemnation, but one of reconciliation. We must take the next step to be more like Him. It will be hard, but God Loves this world and died for it and we too must love it the same way with the same heart and with the same mind. It starts with forgiveness.

Those of you that have your voter’s card shred it. You really don’t want the responsibility and weight of condemning someone to live apart from Christ forever. If you are a child of the King, you don’t have enough hate in you to warrant that punishment!!!! (10.2007)


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