Just Have Faith…


A powerful campaign swept the country years ago by one of the nations largest companies called Nike called Just do it! This campaign had people pumped up about working out. This campaign had people believing that they could run faster and jump higher all because of the power of a brand and a company’s track record with successful athletes.nike-just-do-it

Well, I present to you today no brand, no stellar athletes, no formulas, no secrets, just the truth presented by a spokesman who has tried, tested, and found to be true a product, if you will, that we all have access too, and which cost us nothing; FAITH!!!

Yes, Faith!!! Gods’ Word informs us that this element of our thinking and approach to life and towards His thrown will determine how much and how little we can do and accomplish in life. The shame is that many of us have a faith that stops right after the confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior, but Jesus himself informs us that our faith is to move us far beyond a decision to walk with Him. Our faith should be the vehicle that, like the shoe campaign of Nike, encourages all of us to attack life with an entirely new vigor, understanding that what was impossible, what was out of reach, what was unobtainable, is now conquerable, doable, completeable, (are those words?)

There are some things that we are all currently facing, and I hear God screaming, not “Just do it”, but “Just have Faith”. “Just have Faith” and you will be victorious. “Just have faith” and you will be successful. “Just have Faith” and you will be healed. “Just have Faith” and you will be delivered. “Just have Faith” and you will overcome. “Just have Faith”!!!

One of the beautiful things about this passage is that God lets us know that our confidence in Him will allow us to do things without the stress and without the headache. God says to us, don’t let your current situation get you down, “Just have Faith”, and I will bring you out. God only gives us one responsibility in this process, and that’s to speak.
First, speak to yourself. Then, Speak to your situation, Then Speak praises to God. “Just have Faith”!!!!!


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