Have You Crucified Christ ?


Hebrews 6:6 if they fall away, to be renewed again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves, the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.images (3)

Have you crucified Christ?  It has occurred to me that many public displays are taking affect each days.  One of the most noted ones is the PDA (public display of affection).  Although this one is most discussed and tends to stick out greatly, there are other displays that occur on a daily basis.  One is the PDD (public display of disobedience).  This occurs when a believer hears the Word of God, and decides to be disobedient to the Word they have received.  These displays can go un-spotted, because of the private revelation received by the person by God.  I asked myself how many displays I see like this on a daily basis, even at times in my own life?  These are tough to recognize, but the believer knows when they are having a PDD moment.

Second is the PDR (public display of rejection).  This occurs when a believer makes a decision to not walk the path of the straight and narrow.  In this predicament, there is normally a crowd or gallery present that is aware of the believers’ stance and faith.  These are more obvious then the PDDs.

Then there is the PDC (public display of crucifixion).  This occurs when a person is serving two masters openly in the public.  In this situation, it normally involves someone that is a pillar or strong representative of the faith, falling from grace in a series or an incident that is far from pure and distant from holy.  These cases are the most obvious, because of the length of the encounter, and the boldness of the one carrying out the sin.  These, just like the crucifixion of Christ, serve as long standing humiliation ceremonies, issued by the devil, trapping one of Gods children in sin.  What one might notice is that these PD’s occur in a pattern.  First one starts off as disobedient, then they become rebellious, and then the have a crucifixion.

What stage are you in?  Are you publicly being disobedient and ruining the faith of others (even though they should not be putting their faith in man)?  Are you speaking verbally or showing outward displays of rebellion against the faith that you speak of?  Are you embarrassing the Christ in public all over again?  Crucifying Him, and making mockery of His death!  We have all fallen short.

We have all carried out one of the other.  Let’s make is our goal to cut out these public displays, knowing that we are the Christ that the unbeliever is seeing, and that the immature believer is watching and patterning themselves after.  We must continue to strive towards righteousness for His name sake. Let’s stop the PDCs today!!!!

Public Crucifixions?   Original posting 9/18/07

Words with Friends Pt. 2


Recently, I was inspired while playing Words with Friends to write, “We know words, but lack a strategy and wisdom on how to use the words we possess; thus play with minimal impact“(#WordsWithFriends).


In the game Word with Friends, the knowledge of words is key because the words represent points and the ability to completely use the letters given to you during the game.  This ability to create from what is provided is a must, however, playing a word at the wrong time can cost the player dearly.  On the board, there are spots that can double and or triple the amount of points for the player and their opponent.  In this, one can use a word to score points, but position their adversary to score two to three times as much with their following play.  Therefore, when one plays, one must keep in mind that their opponent will have an opportunity to respond to their play.  I wondered to myself when focusing on this quote, how many of us have used words in the wrong season at the wrong time?

One play can place one in a negative position; unable to properly defend ourselves or slow down the advance of the opponent.  One wrong play could put the opponent in a better position than the player, rendering the match score one that is insurmountable.  Too often, we want to use the words we have at hand to account for the most points possible, but exchanging 25 for 75 shows a lack of wisdom and maturity.  Using strategy, one can score 15, and hold an opponent to 25, allowing the next set of play to result in 50 points while your opponent scores 20.

Our words are ability and power.  They create and they can also destroy.  This knowledge informs us that the true power and effectiveness of our use of these words lie in ones ability to control their tongues and direct life through a seasoned tongue that has been tamed and filtered in such a way, that each word that exudes from the users mouth has been calculated and played with the opponents response in mind.

Understanding this will assist us in conflict and will allow us to live at peace with one another.  When we are searching for the words that will make the highest impact, we often speak without considering the next play, and subsequent plays, putting ourselves strategically in a position to loose the battle in one play.

James 3:1-11
Romans 12:18

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble (The Fight for Oneness)


My wife Dr. Q and I wrote this blog together. It centers around the subject of marriage and the fight to remain married.

Manifestations of a Tree

Over the years, we have watched classic fights on pay-per-view.  Gladiators and valiant warriors square off in the ring in an awesome display of heart and skill in a fight to claim the belt and wear the praise of onlookers, reaching boxing immortality.  As impressive as these fights are, we present in this blog a fight that flies under the radar, but is one that must be highlighted to appreciate.   It too requires heart and skill, and involves valiant warriors; that being the fight to remain married.  untitled (6)Each day brings a new set of circumstances that test the partnership, requiring each person to make a decision to remain in the covenant they took on their special day.

During the fight, the combatant must remain focused on the training and the instructions from the corner, as well as the feelings and fears second.

The first fight is the fight of…

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Words with Friends Pt. 1


Recently, I was inspired while playing Words with Friends to write, “We know words, but lack a strategy and wisdom on how to use the words we possess; thus play with minimal impact”(#WordsWithFriends)   &    “It’s not the word; but where and when the words are placed that give them maximum impact! (lessons from #WordsWithFriends)”


 3 Generations ago, my grandfather John D. Ogletree, Sr. wrote a manuscript for preachers called, Unleashing the Power of the Gospel. His instructions in the manuscript insured that the beholder would treat each word like a stone, leaving none unturned in search for the truth and revelation contained within.

 As I have played Words with Friends, I find myself reflecting back to reading this manuscript.  In it and in the game, I have found similarities and truth.  Words with Friends is in essence, an electronic version of the game we played as children called Scrabble.  Scrabble is defined as “an act of scratching or scrambling for something.”   The definition fits the game in that the player is provided letters and from those letters, creates words, and plays said words on the board which is provided for players to play.

 The power lies in one’s ability to first create words.  To play the game, the player must be able to create words from what is provided.  The more creative player will always have a play, allowing them to score on each turn.  Though creativity is key; the winner is not always the one that creates the longest and most difficult words; but the one that continues to create when nothing seems present.  Throughout the game, the player is presented with random letters from a pool of letters, that contain a numerical value, and though many would call it a game of chance, it is a game of creativity that requires skill and understanding to achieve success.

 As a creative being, we must be patient enough in the game of life to keep looking until we create something!  This requires us to not just be studied, but to be patient enough to move things around until we create a word for our present situation.  Your creativity is found in your ability to see things amongst the randomness of life, and create from it, that which paces you and places you in a position to win.

Maturing Like a Fine Wine


My wife, Dr. Q and I, have posted a new blog about relationships and marriage. Leave your thoughts. Our blog is designed to be a conversation starter.

Manifestations of a Tree

One of the beauties of marriage and friendship is the maturing process.  Over the years, we all can find humor and encouragement, measuring the progress and journey of our friends and spouses.  The individual journey is impressive, but so to is the journey of the pair.

We draw lines in the sand as immature youth, learning and experiencing life day to day.  When Johnny & Quinita first started talking in 1993, she advised him that she wouldn’t fight for him.   She continued by telling him that He needed to handle the females around him; because that was his job.  Johnny stated in 1993, that he would never stay in a marriage if his wife ever cheated on him.  Though these both were wise statements in 1993 of a budding relationships, they would both be considered unwise if applied to a 20 year relationship with 16 years of marriage.  

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