Maturing Like a Fine Wine


My wife, Dr. Q and I, have posted a new blog about relationships and marriage. Leave your thoughts. Our blog is designed to be a conversation starter.

Manifestations of a Tree

One of the beauties of marriage and friendship is the maturing process.  Over the years, we all can find humor and encouragement, measuring the progress and journey of our friends and spouses.  The individual journey is impressive, but so to is the journey of the pair.

We draw lines in the sand as immature youth, learning and experiencing life day to day.  When Johnny & Quinita first started talking in 1993, she advised him that she wouldn’t fight for him.   She continued by telling him that He needed to handle the females around him; because that was his job.  Johnny stated in 1993, that he would never stay in a marriage if his wife ever cheated on him.  Though these both were wise statements in 1993 of a budding relationships, they would both be considered unwise if applied to a 20 year relationship with 16 years of marriage.  

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