Words with Friends Pt. 1


Recently, I was inspired while playing Words with Friends to write, “We know words, but lack a strategy and wisdom on how to use the words we possess; thus play with minimal impact”(#WordsWithFriends)   &    “It’s not the word; but where and when the words are placed that give them maximum impact! (lessons from #WordsWithFriends)”


 3 Generations ago, my grandfather John D. Ogletree, Sr. wrote a manuscript for preachers called, Unleashing the Power of the Gospel. His instructions in the manuscript insured that the beholder would treat each word like a stone, leaving none unturned in search for the truth and revelation contained within.

 As I have played Words with Friends, I find myself reflecting back to reading this manuscript.  In it and in the game, I have found similarities and truth.  Words with Friends is in essence, an electronic version of the game we played as children called Scrabble.  Scrabble is defined as “an act of scratching or scrambling for something.”   The definition fits the game in that the player is provided letters and from those letters, creates words, and plays said words on the board which is provided for players to play.

 The power lies in one’s ability to first create words.  To play the game, the player must be able to create words from what is provided.  The more creative player will always have a play, allowing them to score on each turn.  Though creativity is key; the winner is not always the one that creates the longest and most difficult words; but the one that continues to create when nothing seems present.  Throughout the game, the player is presented with random letters from a pool of letters, that contain a numerical value, and though many would call it a game of chance, it is a game of creativity that requires skill and understanding to achieve success.

 As a creative being, we must be patient enough in the game of life to keep looking until we create something!  This requires us to not just be studied, but to be patient enough to move things around until we create a word for our present situation.  Your creativity is found in your ability to see things amongst the randomness of life, and create from it, that which paces you and places you in a position to win.


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