Words with Friends Pt. 2


Recently, I was inspired while playing Words with Friends to write, “We know words, but lack a strategy and wisdom on how to use the words we possess; thus play with minimal impact“(#WordsWithFriends).


In the game Word with Friends, the knowledge of words is key because the words represent points and the ability to completely use the letters given to you during the game.  This ability to create from what is provided is a must, however, playing a word at the wrong time can cost the player dearly.  On the board, there are spots that can double and or triple the amount of points for the player and their opponent.  In this, one can use a word to score points, but position their adversary to score two to three times as much with their following play.  Therefore, when one plays, one must keep in mind that their opponent will have an opportunity to respond to their play.  I wondered to myself when focusing on this quote, how many of us have used words in the wrong season at the wrong time?

One play can place one in a negative position; unable to properly defend ourselves or slow down the advance of the opponent.  One wrong play could put the opponent in a better position than the player, rendering the match score one that is insurmountable.  Too often, we want to use the words we have at hand to account for the most points possible, but exchanging 25 for 75 shows a lack of wisdom and maturity.  Using strategy, one can score 15, and hold an opponent to 25, allowing the next set of play to result in 50 points while your opponent scores 20.

Our words are ability and power.  They create and they can also destroy.  This knowledge informs us that the true power and effectiveness of our use of these words lie in ones ability to control their tongues and direct life through a seasoned tongue that has been tamed and filtered in such a way, that each word that exudes from the users mouth has been calculated and played with the opponents response in mind.

Understanding this will assist us in conflict and will allow us to live at peace with one another.  When we are searching for the words that will make the highest impact, we often speak without considering the next play, and subsequent plays, putting ourselves strategically in a position to loose the battle in one play.

James 3:1-11
Romans 12:18


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