Give me Legs, or Give me Life……


Today, I had the pleasure of ministering at a Senior Complex. It was a simple message (Matthew 28:20) encouraging the residents and ensuring them that the Lord was with them. Though I was there to minister, a resident ministered to me.  There was a gentleman, 72, who had both of his legs amputated. He shared with me his story and confirmed the message that was shared.  He shared 2 nuggets with me:

1. He said when he was on the operating table, having his legs removed to stop the spread of Gangrene, he saw standing beside the doctor an angel of the Lord.  He said he was overcome with peace because he knew that things would go well and that he would make it through.  He was encouraged by the presence of the Lord because it confirmed that the Lord was confirming His Word to “Keep Him.”  I thought about how my grannies and grandpa’s would speak that same language.  We throw things away these days as they loose value and effectiveness and are quick to replace and cast aside, but our forefathers knew what it was to “Keep” something, thus their understanding of “Keep” far surpasses our understanding.   Lord, give us this same understanding so that we can appreciate things, life and you all the more!!!!
2.  He said that he considered the importance of his legs in his life, but knew that as long as he had God with him, he could function without his legs.   His faith was active before the surgery, during the surgery and after the surgery.  His faith enabled him to see past the hardship, and to see himself continuing to prosper in a different circumstance.  He learned how to walk once, and through God, he would be able to walk again.  The power of God is evident in His ability to adapt us, not just to “Keep” us.  We don’t just have to be content in a situation!  As long as God is with us, we can excel in a situation.
3.  He said that he watched a man slightly after him die from Gangrene because he could not see his life without his legs, despite his attempt to share with him.  He said he watched a man perish holding on to his legs which were facilitating his death!   This man mistakenly equated life with legs.  His declaration, give me legs, or give me death!  I wondered how many of us are facilitating our death by holding on to the very thing that is killing us?  He realized that even in having his legs removed, God was adding, and renovating his body to face the next phase of his journey.He said the truth is that he misses his legs, but he was right in that he knew that life was possible without the things that once gave him a sense of comfort and normalcy!