Highly Distractable…Camp Exalted 2014


Camp Exalted each year helps us rediscover God, re-encounter worship, and reconnect the generations.  A week away from the distractions help refocus each attendant as well as quiets the world so that His voice can be heard.


Family Group at Camp Exalted

While teaching the 8th grade class, A young lady found it difficult to read the physical Bible, complaining about the font size. She was given a cell phone with a Bible Application and suddenly she read smoothly.  When comparing the fonts, they were almost identical in size however were different style of fonts. It became apparent that her familiarity and comfort with the phone as a medium was better than her comfort with the physical book.

Our discussion continued later, highlighting how much we access through our phones.  Currently, many of our children get even have their homework and text books either downloaded or bookmarked/linked, research materials, communication and even our Bibles are on our phones.

Concern grew later when kids were questioned.  Most kids acknowledged that their phones and tablets are a large gateway to sin.  Much of the temptation,  struggles and strongholds make themselves available by reaching out to them in daily life.  It is safe to say that the phones are a modern day thorn in the flesh that accompany our kids and torment them along the way.  Though valuable, they give direct access to knowledge that is beyond their maturity and present temptation that they are not strong enough to resist.


Worship at Camp Exalted 2014

While our children seek to do right, evil is always present with them.  While reading and spending quiet time with the Lord, they are forced to ignore calls, texts, post, updates, tweets and ect, all of which aren’t evil in nature, but keep our children from completing the task at hand.  They are asked to spend quiet time with God a must a million conversations and thousands of life events.  As an adult, the distraction of the phone has pushed and mandated that all efforts be returned to a physical apllication.

Though phones have become a neccessay put of our exixtence, we must protect our children by monitoring this medium and police this gateway that has the ability to undermine our teaching.  We must remain aware that the adversary is constantly looking for ways to corrupt our children.  He desires to steal kill and destroy.  He wants to take the innocence away so that they will stop dining on the instructions given from our parental mantle that comes from our Lord.

Our families are under attack and we must close the Trojan horse that enters our children’s room at night leading them further into sin.   Ephesians 6:11-12; John 10:10


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