Shake it, Don’t Break it….


Here is the latest blog written in collaboration with my wife Dr. Q….

Manifestations of a Tree

Years ago, a famous line was uttered, “Shake it, Don’t Break it…”, instructing the listeners to party hard on the dance floor.  In this, is an important truth that we want to address in this blog, that is control.

Though one may believe their main goal is to gain control of their child, before that is gaining and maintain control of oneself.  In our efforts to gain control of our children, we must not loose control of ourselves.  In a conversation, Dr. Jeanine Wilson said, “our response to our children is built out of our fears.”  It is this fear, that can consume us, causing us to over react and go over board in our efforts to correct our children.

In addition to our fear, we have to address a wide range of emotions, including anger.  There are times when our frustration and anger is roused with the actions of our…

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