Broken Families & Broken People……Camp Exalted 2014


As the landscape of the family structure is being re-written, those teaching and preaching are being forced to address new issues and a new presented reality from the people we are called too.  The present age has altered job descriptions redefined roles, as well as ones understanning of the word in the process.  Our churches will be challenged to be relevant without accepting the present reality.Man In Prayer Christian Stock Photo

As not to address the numerouse family dynamics, the sin and or the breach or break of covenant, we will address the common confusions that is making these wrongs become right.

Un-Unified Teams
Parents and families are supposed to present and be consistent as a unified team.  With the divorce rate increasing, unequally yoked unions, and the number of children born in non-covenant families has placed our children in the middle of war zones and unfriendly tug-o-wars.  Our children face are in a neutral zone, forced to survive through the posturing and fighting of two individuals and or families, that have not been able to agree upon a set group of values and rules.

Inconsistent Rules/Competing Authorities
These Un-Unified Teams leave our children uncovered, believing that there are a variety of rules that are correct as opposed to one way that is right by the Lord.  Competing rules leave children confused, wavering and constantly questioning right; believing that right is a matter of perspective, need and place, which causes children to believe that their desires are synonymous with what is right.   This can cause them to appear aggressive and rebellious; where as, they are simply doing what they believe to be right as the captain of their fate.

Un-harmonious Confrontations

Lastly, Inconsistent Rules/Competing Authorities leave out children to take notes from un-harmonious confrontations. These confrontations teach and rehears for our children a way of addressing authority figures and peers, while feeling justified in and after the encounter because of the belief that now is right.  Not having proper rules, regulations and examples of how to disagree, leaves our kids mimicking improper behavior, forging a character that is built on brokenness; leaving to unhappiness.

Thus the new battle ground.  A battle ground that is no longer stationary, but one that continues to shift according to person that stands before you.  Our families are changing, and our values have weakened, leaving our approach antiquated, and our purpose renewed and in need of an upgrade.

The Treadmill Experience Pt. 1…..


Recently, I watched an interview of Will Smith by Tavis Smiley.  In this interview, Will Smith, said when asked what sets him a part from others, “I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill…”  Though a statement that can be interpreted many ways, he cleared it up by stating that he will not be outworked.   He continued,  “…if we get on the treadmill at the same time, either you will get off first, or I will die”.  These comments caused much thought, in that I am just beginning to enjoy the treadmill experience.  In this time, I want to take what Will said and expand on it for the sake of discussion and enlightenment.treadmill

First, I enjoyed Will’s statement and explanation because it highlights the zeal, commitment and effort we all need to succeed.  Too many of us have the passion and the talent, but lack the efforts to bring our visions and dreams into reality.  I wondered to myself how many dreams have died because of our lack of commitment to take the time to create what we have seen.  Too often we expect our dreams and visions to leap off the page of our thoughts, and form themselves with our desires and aspirations.  To bring your future into the present, one has to reach into your dreams, sketch, outline, color and finalize your dreams and visions until they become a reality.  As believers, we know we have to speak things into existence, but we also know that God blesses the fruit of our hands and it will make us prosperous.  We have to speak, but we also have to work.  We have to rid ourselves of the idea that our dreams are stencil.  They are created by following the voice of God!  It’s more like being a sketch artist than tracing or using a drawing from a carbon copy or previously used sketch pad.

It we are to bring forth what has been placed for us, we have to approach our dreams with this Treadmill attitude.  We must desire to create and finish our dreams so bad, that nothing will stand in our way; even ourselves.  We must press through fatigue, and the negative thoughts, ignore the voices, and clear the room of all doubters.  We must keep our heads up, and our focus forward, putting forth maximum effort, knowing that what God has said is our, has been given, and merely waits for us to obtain it.  It is my prayer that we will all take ahold of our future with God, committing to His revelation and making it our reality.