The Treadmill Experience Pt. 1…..


Recently, I watched an interview of Will Smith by Tavis Smiley.  In this interview, Will Smith, said when asked what sets him a part from others, “I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill…”  Though a statement that can be interpreted many ways, he cleared it up by stating that he will not be outworked.   He continued,  “…if we get on the treadmill at the same time, either you will get off first, or I will die”.  These comments caused much thought, in that I am just beginning to enjoy the treadmill experience.  In this time, I want to take what Will said and expand on it for the sake of discussion and enlightenment.treadmill

First, I enjoyed Will’s statement and explanation because it highlights the zeal, commitment and effort we all need to succeed.  Too many of us have the passion and the talent, but lack the efforts to bring our visions and dreams into reality.  I wondered to myself how many dreams have died because of our lack of commitment to take the time to create what we have seen.  Too often we expect our dreams and visions to leap off the page of our thoughts, and form themselves with our desires and aspirations.  To bring your future into the present, one has to reach into your dreams, sketch, outline, color and finalize your dreams and visions until they become a reality.  As believers, we know we have to speak things into existence, but we also know that God blesses the fruit of our hands and it will make us prosperous.  We have to speak, but we also have to work.  We have to rid ourselves of the idea that our dreams are stencil.  They are created by following the voice of God!  It’s more like being a sketch artist than tracing or using a drawing from a carbon copy or previously used sketch pad.

It we are to bring forth what has been placed for us, we have to approach our dreams with this Treadmill attitude.  We must desire to create and finish our dreams so bad, that nothing will stand in our way; even ourselves.  We must press through fatigue, and the negative thoughts, ignore the voices, and clear the room of all doubters.  We must keep our heads up, and our focus forward, putting forth maximum effort, knowing that what God has said is our, has been given, and merely waits for us to obtain it.  It is my prayer that we will all take ahold of our future with God, committing to His revelation and making it our reality.


14 thoughts on “The Treadmill Experience Pt. 1…..

  1. Noj Esum

    I’ve seen the interview you’re talking about and it’s interesting because that line, and subsequent explanation, effected me as well. To often we wait for things to be handed to us rather than putting in the work it takes to get what we want. God’s plan will always require you to work and in some cases struggle, but it’s not to break you down it’s to make you stronger.

  2. Ashley

    This is SO true. So many times especially as Christians we think speaking things into existence is enough. Although that is something we need to do we also have to be willing to put in the work behind it, and with the work comes determination, sometimes failure, the ability to move forward, try agaian and go harder. I believe God wants to see what we are willing to do as well. This treadmill analogy is wonderful it shows his will power, and strength and determination and that’s exactly what we need to reach our goals.

  3. Eulete Patrick

    This is true and I must say, I am guilty of it sometimes. I have the determination and will then I hear these voices saying you already have too much to do. Lately, I have been saying put in the work and with God it will get accomplished. So, try the treadmill experience.

    • I am on this journey with you. At the point of breaking through, there is a moment when you feel like you could do more, but question why more should be done. To be great, we must give this moment the boot and replace it with the same determination we began with!


    ON POINT PASTOR-JD3!! To become ALL that GOD has planned for us to be we must have the treadmill mentality. We need to set goals…we not only need to SPEAK them into existence, but we must SEEK them into existence. We must PRAY daily that GOD grants us with the faith, strength, drive, confidence and discipline to become who we were meant to be. GOD BLESS “E”

  5. “we not only need to SPEAK them into existence, but we must SEEK them into existence” What a Word! Too many of us sit waiting and talking, ending up with nothing! It won’t be us! Tread on!!!

  6. Sy

    Just Do It….I say to people who ask me how I go to mission trips all over the a World with a full time job and raising a family. Just Do It. !

    • As long as our mouths remain filled with excuses and our hands wont touch the plow, missions will always be intentions! We will touch the world, not just with our prayers and His Word, but with our hands!

  7. Dr. Rochelle Carr

    I loved this interview. I spoke to my congregation last week and said it is time to stop dreaming an act. God does not give us visions and dreams to sit back and watch the clouds form over our heads like a cartoon reality show. As you stated, “We must desire to create and finish our dreams so bad, that nothing will stand in our way; even ourselves. And unfortunately the problem as Christian is still and will be “OURSELVES” until we get out of the way. Thanks for reminding us of how committed we should be.

  8. Jamila

    So many things are not done because people are scared to do what they are called to do. They are scared to step out on faith. They want things easy and comfortable. However, when you follow God’s call on your life, man do you have stories to tell of how Great God is and the experience of a life time you have!!!!!!!!!

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