Why Settle for Moses?


“We have developed into a culture where people want to take a selfie with Moses as opposed to walking up the mountain and spending time with God”  Francis Chan  Pastor Francis Chan

Today’s time at the Church Planting meeting was amazing. Pastor Francis Chan spoke into our lives a life changing word! This quote almost cleared the room. The air left and we were all grasping for our inhalers!

The truth often has this effect.  We have fallen into the trap of the adversary and, some have allowed themselves to accept the acclaim that accompanies our command to proclaim, and have become celebrities which tend to become idol in nature.  Though not the goal of the pulpit, many parishioners have accepted not having a personal walk with the Lord and have accepted having a relationship with the preacher.  Though Paul modeled for us, directing disciples to follow him as he followed Christ, this was not to OK the personal relationship that one should have with the Lord.  We are to be focal points in a time of confusion to find clarity in the believers search for truth and revelations leading to application of what one needs to get closer to the mark and image of Christ!  To replace the mark of Christ with the mark of the Pastor is to settle for failure as opposed to pressing towards perfection!

He continued that we as preachers must not settle for allowing people to take selfies with us, and must point people up the mountain as opposed to enjoying the celebrity of the benefits of spending time with the Lord.  We must make sure those we encounter and that “follow us”, remember that we are “following Christ” and not the main focal point of their relationship.  We are not to be worshiped, but are truly all called as Pastors to be Bell Boys who handle peoples baggage,  direct them to the place where God resides, and then rest in His arms. We Usher them In, and then Point them Up and must fight to insure that they remain on the elevator until the reach the right floor.


3 thoughts on “Why Settle for Moses?

  1. Kimberly Yvette

    This was truly a great read. I think we as believers and more so ministers of the Gospel should always remember that our God given positions are not for self seeking pleasures, but to ensure that people are moved to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. This was a great read! Blessings – Kimberly Yvette

  2. Very refreshing to see and hear of leaders who truly understand what God has appointed them to do! That are an actual light for His Kingdom of Love!!! Soon this will be revealed to ALL! Amen for you and Minister Cham!!!! I’m grateful

  3. Pastor Chan truly blessed us by being transparent and confrontational about how God has worked through him and convicted him personally about his role and the roles of those in the same position around him. I know our churches would be even greater and have more attendance if we could help those attending foster a relationship with the divine and not the deliverer of the divines message.

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