Power Corrupts Everyone? ……. (Ferguson 1……’14)


While it can be argued that Power Corrupts, it should also be argued that Power does Not Corrupt Everyone. In every arena, we will find those that feel empowered to the point of being above the law. In this, we will always be confronted with issues of those in power who abuse their power, and those that lack power and feel powerless. protectnserve

Those in power have been entrusted to carry out the use of their authority according to the laws in place that serve as guides to serve in their office. Having said this, I am convinced that not all police officers are corrupt and abusive with their power. I am convinced that there are many police officers that are really aides to the community, seeking truly to protect an to serve. I am convinced that there are police officers who are fair and interested in carrying out justice for the sake of maintaining peace and order. Though convinced of these truths, I am also convinced that there is an spoken but undocumented agreement amongst those in power to Protect and Serve One Another.

The ability to carry out justice on the streets is impacted by the covering and backing of those who have become a part of a system that protects its own at the expense of other. Knowing that your sins/actions will be covered allows one the peace of carrying out their duties, but leaves room for those looking to abuse their power to carry out injustices that cause further injustices like we see today in the looting and rioting.

Though the entire system is not flawed, there are changes that need be made to insure that future incidents do not occur. We must began to hold those accountable who are in power by holding all in power accountable, and not allowing for the manipulation of the laws to serve as a cover to do as thou wilt (yes I chose those words intentionally).


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