Two Thumbs Down!!!!! (Ferguson 2….’14)


1994;  Virginia Union University; Introduction to Journalism was the class.  It was fascinating.  The structure of the organizations!  The sacrifice made by those who not only dedicated their lives, but lost their lives!  The emphasis was on truth and ones ability to paint images in words in the minds of the reader that would place them at the scene.  Integrity was the star of the show and the driving force with all enjoined; committed to being the eyes and ears for those unable to be on the scene.

It has become apparent that the question of what was defined as a reliable source is no longer an unnamed witness or u identified informant, but the journalist and news outlets themselves; who are now competing for ratings and fighting to develop a brand and t heir own celebrity.  Integrity now takes a backseat to Entertainment and takes directions from its Co-pilot Advertisements  (who have the control over stations like the Super PACs that make the decisions in our Congress).  Our media gives us direction much like a conductor, the create harmony and disharmony as they use their pens like the wave of a baton.  The gather us together and break us apart, shifting and hiding facts to address the angle of their supporters and constituents.

Joe Friday, "Just the Facts ..."

Joe Friday, “Just the Facts …”

Thus with my head down, I lift both of my hands to give our media Two Thumbs Down!   Its a sad day when Privately owned websites, Amateurs with Blogs, a YouTube page or Podcast have become more credible that our media outlets!  It should be embarrassing to have websites that exist to fact check and reveal the ignorant spins of professionals who were once are paid to report with integrity!

We are now forced to watch 24 hour coverage (of course my television is off) of the anger and foolishness of those who are lashing out because they a lack a voice that can lead to change.  Hmm maybe if we could get all the looters to pool together financial resources, we could not only change a flawed system, but could either station or outlet that will report to the public court of opinions, facts that would allow us all to make a decision for ourselves as opposed to being stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey with Propaganda and and basted with the juices of sensationalism!

There was  a time where news equaled facts and not the product of “x” and “y”.  If only we could return to the days where our journalist approached each scene like Joe Friday, “just the facts…just the facts!”



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