Cry Out


Help Me;
I’m tired together in a three legged race towards your will,
But i’m not fast enough, or flexible enough to keep up,
I keep wanting breaks,
I’m tired,
And out of shape,
Slowing you down because,
I keep looking back,
So often that its as though,
I’m running backwards,
Loosing my balance trying to keep up,
Making the race more difficult,
Than it has to be,
I am torn apart,
And but together in one breath,
As though my will be the veil,
In the temple,
Being directed toward a future,
And drug away from my past,
Better stated the past,
As you strip away my attachment,
To what was for what is to come,
Pressing me clean,
Causing me to long for a new taste,
But comfortable with saturates my tongue,
And rest upon me;
Like you,
The sour wine given to me quenches my desire,
And suppress my thirst,
I must push back the stick lifted;
Reject this sour wine,
Crying out not for the taste for it to be removed,
But that That new taste buds be installed,
Because my senses have not been able to make sense,
Of why the thirst still exist after my desires have been satisfied,
I am fooled by artificial favors,
And additives,
Longing for freedom,
But enslaved by the old,
Lord renew in me a right Spirit,
Shine your light into the darkness,
Until it dispels it from my presence
And compels me towards righteousness.