Respect is when you stand in awe

Unable to speak

Incapable of describing

Confounded by the work

Unable to step back far enough

To take it all in view

Crushed by the weight 

Consumed by the magnitude

Overwhelmed with the thought of taking the tasks

Fearful of taking the reigns

Showered by your own inadequacies 

And blind to the inadequacies of what stands before you

Crippled by your short comings

Aware that what has been created

Can not be recreated

Only celebrated

It stands alone by itself

On a hand made mantle

Without a speck of dust

Because the Lords’ hand covers it

And Gods’ breath blows away damaging matter

Unable to be removed or cleaned by 

Hands of clay

For they leave behind filth

And far to valuable to be spoken of by words

For it’s indescribable

Knowing there will never be another

Who can fill the shoes


Wear the mantle

Or speak or dawn the name of


The mantle should 

Be dissmantled

Because there will be never another that exist like you

Able to wear

Unable to stumble in

Or walk in

Shoes that were designed to befit another’s feet



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