Having the Dialogue and Trusting the Response


This blog was written during the Ferguson riots, but I still feel it applicable.  In this journey to form a multicultural church, I have the power of this thought process to be very fruitful for my existence and those around me.

While I am positive that much progress has been made in our country with race relations, moment like the prior have revealed other areas that need to be worked on for the betterment of our country.  The lives lost, and the manner in which they were taken have revealed an undercurrent that has been in existence, but has been covered with the magic of having an African American president.  Many are angry and frustrated, and some old wounds have peeled off, while others who were formerly without injury have been scarred. wisdom

Having said that, I am encouraged by some of the things that have transpired during this national crisis; One being, Open Discussions.  I have enjoyed having tough and tense discussions with friend of all races.  Sitting at the table to hear difference perspectives, has been tough in moments of disagreements, but also sobering because dialogue helps each party understand the other.  The reality is; all relationship (successful relationship), must make it through disagreements, and having tough conversations is the medium that makes is possible.

These conversations have aided in making each other Sensitivity to the Plight of Others.  Hearing the pain and struggles of a once silent voice has a way of broadening ones perspective and revealing the thoughts and practices we have that are incorrect.  In the middle of conversation, understanding if found through a discovered middle ground.  It is here, that we discover an over looked truth; we are all human beings.  We are God’s creation, with the same desire and same design.  We can see the error of our ways and treatment of others by hearing there response to our actions.

Hearing this catapults us into action.  We learn to seek to aide in the process of healing those who have been hurt by our actions and those that have been hurt by others.  Being sensitive leads to rolling up the sleeves and develops a desire to see wrong corrected, not matter how long the wound has existed, or how deep the injury is.  One thing we learn in conversation is that hearing takes time and effort.  One has to seek to listen and work to identify with those they speak with.

I am convinced that conversation can help heal the world.  As long as everyone is able to speak, and all involved are willing to listen, there is nothing that can not be solved and or repaired.

Proverbs 4:7. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.


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