Confronting the Creation about the Creator (Session 3)


Group Though for today. How do you confront culture?

The Body Church

Tonight’s study, an important one, picks up from last weeks study on our culture, that is saturated with the spirit of idolatry.  In the midst of this culture, we as believers are asked to be Daniels, refusing to bow, and willing to take the stance to demonstrate and vocalize the truth about who God is, worshiping Him despite obstacles, and without fear.  Knowing this, we must set in course a plan of action as to how to confront a culture that is law suite happy and offence sensitive.  Paul sets a great example for us in the 17th chapter of Acts in verses 22-34.

While others are conforming, checking out, we must combat and we must counter, all the while, understanding the wrong response to the current culture is almost as unhelpful and unhealthy as not engaging it at all. Counter-Culture

Who are the people God has placed on your heart?…

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