Trust; Sealing the Bond


Conversation from our Tuesday Night Bible Study

The Body Church

Bible Study entered into another conversation about trust, through a participant who made a decision towards their contribution towards their home church (Member had saved money, and then instructed by the Lord was to give said resources to said congregation).  Upon the day for contribution, it was decided to split the money between congregations, that the temptation would be removed from the parties handling the resources.

The sum of the dialogue was the need for trust between God and Pulpit, and Pew and God.  The Bible reminds us of the dangers of placing our faith in man.  Man is a flawed vessel, prone to fail and bound to come up short of the mark that has been placed before them.  Knowing this, we must maintain a proper perspective when it comes to giving when our vantage point is the pew.   Our gifts are to the physical organization of…

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