Francis Chan; Who is God? Fear God Session 1


Tonight in Bible Study, we looked into the Series “Basic” by Francis Chan, and looked at Who is God? Fear God Session 1.  The study, a return to the foundational pieces that make up the strength of our relationship with Christ, leading to participants becoming stronger disciples.

Psalm 111:10 says, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.    In discussion, we looked closely at the word “Fear” and then further at the word “Wisdom” and finally the word “Beginning”wisdom

Though fear was defined in many ways, the synopsis of the definition is the full awareness of who God is, what He is capable of.  Fear is awareness.  And one can have a healthy fear of someone or something. Furthermore the sting caused by fear can be overcome by awareness.  Fearing God means one is well aware that He is as much Love as He is Wrath; as full of Grace as He is with Vengeance, and as much Just as He is Jealous.  There is a danger in not knowing the full balance of who God is.  Many of our faiths are pitted on one aspect of who God is, and our lack of obedience and consistent disobedience reveals our trust perspective and awareness of who God is.  Many of us live and address God as though He is more Friend that He is God.  He is full of authority, filled with power, restrained by His love for us, by directed by His character.

It was said that of God’s forgiveness “He knows our heart!”  This presents a problem in that many of us are truly unaware of our own hearts.  This thought process can prove to be dangerous in the walk of a believer, in that it tends to excuse and also diminish the power of the sin act committed.  The reality is, God knows our heart!  He knows when we are truly repentant, and when we are speaking words out of fear of His punishment.  God is fully aware when we ask, what our true intentions are for tomorrow!  He will forgive, but He will not be fooled.  God is omniscient and omnipresent!  He is everywhere!  He knows all things!  He is not unaware, He never sleeps,nor does He slumber.  He created creation, knows its ins and outs, scripted the beginning, lived through to the end, and understands every move to be made at every moment of the day.  He is the creator of multitasking, not the King of it, and He hasn’t mastered it, He is the master of it.

Chan points out the foolishness of man, in believing that we will one day ask God questions and get insight on why certain things occurred.  Imagine our arrogance.  From a time when we were unable to speak in the presence of our grandfathers and grandmothers, once uneducated, and unable to articulate, now degreed, empowered, knowledgeable and most of all, redeemed, our eyes now open to Truth, through the Study of His Word and the mouth of his preacher, now have self-labeled ourselves “Good.”  It is as though we believe that we are deserving; and that on judgement day, we will walk in head held high looking God in the face, eye to eye as though we are equals.  The truth is that we are still unworthy and undeserving, but we have the covenant of Word and His promise that will account for the fact that we are a work in progress, unfinished, and not perfect, just perfect in Him because of our covering.  Our Good has now become the standard for righteousness, and now we act as though we are God, rejecting sinners from our presence as though our righteousness is so different from theirs.  We must be careful not to equate or being “better” for being “good.”

John gives us in Revelations 1:9-18 a description of what he saw.  His description along brings about fear.  And his response, the truth of what that day will hold from us.  We all will fall down in fear from His presence.  Praise God, He touches John and says, do not be afraid!  God purpose is not to impose fear on those that stand before Him, but the awareness of who He is will cause us to have the same response.



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