Francis Chan; Who is God? Fear God Session 1 Follow Up


The Francis Chan Basic series lead to great dialogue about God’s Word.  In the study of fear, we looked into the topic as in parallel to that of a parent and a child.  We come to the Lord as one who is wise, and then must subject ourselves to the one who is wisdom.  He is Wisdom, and the knowledge of Him, and seeking to be as He is, makes us wiser, but doesn’t make us wisdom.

His wisdom is superior to Man’s Wisdom.  The Fear of the Lord begins when we acknowledge that He is far superior in all things, not just some things.  Our wisdom pre-God has no restraints, few rules, and no boundaries, pleases the flesh, and changes from moment to moment.  Our wisdom exists in the moment, and in hindsight, is often relabeled foolishness. Pastor Francis Chan

We encounter His power, taking in that he is filled with grace and mercy, while making a mental note that his is jealous and the owner of vengeance.  We must celebrate His blessings and rewards, but account for the chastisement and correction that accompanies being son and daughter.  He chastises the one He loves.  We must welcome the discipline as key in that the under-gird the teachings, and reaffirm the boundaries of His instructions.  They keep us within the freedoms given in Christ, and guide us in our journey to achieve the image set before us.

We have to accept God as whole not as part.  Most of our earthly relationships suffer for this same issue.  We love pieces of the person, and want to grab a hold to one characteristic and ignore the other existing traits until they rear their heads.  God is multifaceted!  He is complete!  He is balanced.  He is not ruled by any force, or dominated by any trait!  He is whole, able to be just while carrying out justice, distributing mercy as he rewards foolishness with chastisement, and administering grace while we reap the fruits of our deeds.

Fearing God is the beginning!  Acknowledging Him as whole is Key.  We must spend time in the Word and in prayer, seeking to know God more intimately.  And in doing so, we see the delicate balance, and the administration of His character through the Love that He has for each of us.  His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us.  He is seeking to help us not to destroy us.



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