Discipleship requires Discipline….


After spending time in discussion with a friend, I was inspired to write the following quote, “As Disciples we are called to be Discipline”. One of the issues with the spread of the Gospel is the lack of discipline.  Those we witness too , have to consider the Gospel powerful after not seeing change or progress in the one claiming to be a possessor.  For us to have obtained truth , and to have not demonstrated any proof of the life changing power we confess , is like putting a match to a water logged log.  People are looking for the change!  Change that will assure them that their time and sacrifice will be profitable , and not wasted moments reading and speaking to a God that is not real.

Honestly, life change is not happening in many of our churches because we are making believers; salvation, and then labeling the convert a disciple as a default.  A disciple is more than one who believes; they are people  who not only accept and confess, but put into practice the teachings and techniques of the Jesus.  Jesus said, if you love me, you will keep my commands, thus informing us that our obedience is a direct reflection of our love for Him.  And this just in, obedience requires discipline.Growing Up

Our discipline to the disciplines of the faith, as mentioned above, testify as to our true belief and conviction of what we have heard and believe.  Our lack of discipline makes a statement far larger than any words we quote.  The words without change show a lack of conviction and thus are rendered powerless.   Our change validates our testimony and our testimony validates the power of Christ!

What would church be like, if discipleship was the focus of every member?  How much many people would be convinced and convicted by its life changing power?  How many people would find peace and tramquility in their own lives and would be able to take that same peace and transfer it to others? Could it be that our discipline would fill seats with people who ask to come before they are invited?



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