Valueing the Creator


We have had many great studies as a group.  None more important that the second and third session in Counter Culture by David Platt.  While looking at the Creator, we took a step back to consider who God is and what came from Him.  Understanding Him as the source of all, we were unable to place a value on Him, because the first and the last of all things were found in Him, making His potential immeasurable.   His immeasurably makes him invaluable.  No cost can be placed upon Him.  As immeasurable, we also acknowledged that He still had more to give, and had enough in His being to sustain everything that He created as well as His self still existing after creation itself.

God showed Himself to be filled with potential; creative potential!  A potential that was shared, but was in such volume, that it could not be exhausted.  God thought, and spoke, and there was.  And it was good!  Godshand

And amazingly enough, God created mankind in His image and likeness.  We have His features, and His Characteristics.  We have His Potential and we have His Creative Power.  Though our powers is not limitless, our creativity only knows the boundaries of our willingness to explore, process, and produce what we see within.

Knowing this, our discussion lead to our self esteem.  It would seem that our value of ourselves, and appreciation for life and our value of our person-hood would be very high, not because of our accomplishments, but relative to our potential.  At any point, we can think, and our creativity opens the door to meet our needs.  Our will, should be relevant to our potential, yielding an unwavering and relentless pursuit of what we have seen and have dared to speak.  God had the Creativity, and the resources within Him to speak things into existence, but as man, we must speak, and use the resources God has provided to produce that which we have spoken into existence.

Though our esteem should be great, our esteem is often based upon our accomplishments and our productivity.  We must consider the image and likeness in which we were created, and seek to form an opinion of our self that is relative to the value that God placed on us.  He saw us not only valuable as the righteousness of God, but in the state of Adam and Eve declared us good, and valuable enough to place the responsibility of creation in our hands, and give us dominion as trustworthy to use creation as we deem necessary.

God valued man much!  We must be careful of the esteem we develop while measuring our productivity, not to confuse it with our potential.  Our potential is still God-like, but our productivity is a result of our faith and willingness to produce what we see.  One danger of this low esteem, is that we can cheapen the value of the original, and presents it as common, and or not worth the investment.  We are valuable.  God is valuable. We are His!  He is ours!  We are one with Him.  We are partners in creation with Him.  His most valuable creation, placed over all of His resources.



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