Politics: The Perspective Lense (McKinney Pool Incident)


As I perused the comments on page after page attached to the video, eager to gain the perspective of those watching, and taking the temperature of the racial climate; I was saddened.  A comment from a friend, left me breathless and added fuel to the fire of the vision God has shown me for His Kingdom on Earth.

The comment, “You can’t trust the liberal media!”, as though you can trust the “conservative media.”  Our media, both liberal and conservative have become the bottom feeders of the world; pouring salt into the wound and adding accelerants to stories by omitting and highlighting certain aspects and ignoring others.  poolparty

Recently, I sat with one of my daughters, listening to the optometrist explain to her how to use her progressive lenses.  To see far, she would have to look straight through the center, and to read, she would have to direct her sight slightly down.  As I read all the comments, I realized that myself and others where reading and responding differently because of the specific lenses we ware.  It is amazing how one can read the Title of an article an or story line and determine one key detail as to the author and publishing entity; political affiliation.  The same way our congress has been impacted by superpacts; our media outlets have been purchased by political parties, which focus their efforts on swaying votes, controlling public opinion, surviving on the knowledge that its readers are greatly uninformed, and willing to accept the perspective given through their lenses.

Worse, the parties have used our faith get our vote.  Each major straddling the fence and laying claims to specific issues, and misleading the public to believe that it is not just the moral right, but the rightful Christian representative.  This might come to a shock to some of you, but neither have a complete hold as a representative to our faith; furthermore, the members within both have been so corrupt, that we should all be fully aware that neither are even close to the mark which we shoot for.

I look at our response to the current events and see us like a kid playing pin the tail on the donkey.  We get a quick look at the target, are blindfolded, spun around, and feel around for the truth, guided by the jovial voice of the media which a times leads us near, and in other moments have us headed the wrong direction.  Thus, none of us have pinned the tail on the donkey!  We are often far from the mark, and often bare the shame of our ignorance when we find truth for our self!

In recent efforts for justice, it was challenging to hear many of my anglo friends voice their disgust for the actions they have witnessed over this past year.  Even more challenging was talking to anlgo ministers who refused to address the injustices, for concern of fallout from congregants (we are in Texas).  Many acknowledged that Jesus would speak up, but quickly discussed their congregational climate.  And guess what?  It all stemmed back to politics.  I heard things like, my congregation is very conservative (as though a child getting shot or abused by an officer is a matter of being conservative or liberal).

I so long for the day, when we will be Christian first, and all other things second.  I long for the day when we will hold the Bible as our standard for belief, and that we will stand with it and hold those accountable that represent us.  I long for the day when politics and race wont be dividing factors to our worship experience.  I pray that it come soon.  I believe that the shame of our political and racial foolishness sheds a light on the Gospel that has perverted the Gospel and made it unattractive.  People know truth, and are disappointed when they attend worship, and have the preacher preaching political messages, ignoring social wrongs, and afraid to agree publically with God’s Word.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict us all to stop playing church, and to start modeling Christ!


4 thoughts on “Politics: The Perspective Lense (McKinney Pool Incident)

  1. Keeping members informed about the world and God’s view can be challenging when we are fully immersed in the worlds system. We must be Kingdom citizens first, addressing the world from God’s Perspective and not a Political Perspective.

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