We Did It! Even Dora Reveals His Story!


A powerful night at Camp Exalted! Pastor Anthony Moore, sharing from Revelations 5, opened up our eyes to a truth that is know by some, known and ignored, and not known to others. This truth is the conclusion of time, Jesus’s return and the coming judgement of the world.

His concluding illustration is where we will draw this blogs thought. He spoke on how his sons love to watch Dora The Explorer. He said, Dora takes the viewers on a journey, and along the way, clues are revealed. He continued, sometimes they get the clues, and sometimes they don’t, but no matter what, Dora continues sand she always solves the mystery. He concluded, at the end, she always raises her voice and says, “We did it!” And one day, God the Father will open the heavens and defend, and despite your success at seeing the clues He has revealed, Jesus will stand victoriously before the world and proclaim to The Father and The Holy Spirit, “We did it!”image

Powerful it was! As he shared, I thought about the consistent story line of Dora. It’s frame of introduction of self, mystery to be solved, plan to solve mystery, introduction of those that can help on the journey, trials from the one who has come to steal what you obtained on the journey, conclusion, and celebration.

The introduction is a key moment. Dora introduces herself and her crew, much like we experience as believers. She spends this time making sure the plan is given to the viewer, and keys them in on how their participation can help her solve the mystery. Jesus affords us this same moment, letting us know who He is, and how we relate to Him, and gives us our instructions for the journey and how we can aide Him in solving the mystery.

Oddly enough, and truth emerges from this story. You can ignore all the clues. Remain silent when He calls for you to speak. Leave the room while the journey takes place, and He will still solve the mystery. It turns out the Dora is the replaying of the account of a script that has been written to teach and engage the viewer in such a way that the learn and grow, and get the honor of celebrating the success of Dora in the end. We too can experience the powerful celebration at the end if we join Him on the journey, and via revelation and study, respond to His voice as clues are given.

Furthermore, I was captivated by the character of Swipper, and how his role in every episode is to watch Dora and those on the journey succeed, find the right moment, and then attempt to steal what has been gathered on the journey. Dora makes the viewer aware that he could appear, and that they must be alert. Inevitably, he creeps into the path, and generally lunges from his hiding place and takes what belongs to the travelers. The only way to stop him is to speak the words that Dora has given the travelers to ward him off. The words, “Swipper no Swipping” are spoken softly by some, and yelled loudly by others. Again, we experience a hidden truth! Sometimes, even those that speak loudly and proclaim the Word have things stollen from them. This reveals another gem, in that, whatever was stollen, Dora continues the journey and is able to get back the items taken. In other words, it’s a part of the script, that God reveals His character, by allowing us to experience how all things work for Good. There will be moments when it rains on the just and on the unjust, but one thing is assured, He will never leave us or forsake us. I also like that the journey doesn’t stop when things are taken. As long as the story unfolds, and the viewer continues to walk with Dora, that which was stolen can be restored. Too often we get caught in a holding pattern, distracted from the mission, trying to get things, as opposed to staying focused on getting to the end!

Last, the celebration! This is self explanatory, but it brings a smile to know that one day, every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess! Even if you have ignored the clues, and refused to open your mouth after seeing the clues, the will come a day where confessing the Lord to be King will be as involuntary as breathing. There will be a day when kings and dignitaries want to stand and look royal, but there knees will bend, and they will be forced to bow dow! He will be acknowledged, because He will win! I take comfort in knowing that we will reign with Him, and that as he proclaimed, “We did it”, we will sing and dance with Him in His victory!



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