Counter Culture Session 15 (NPDG)


I really love our groups. The Northpointe group of Tomball has been such a blessing. The dialogue and fellowship are fruitful and inspirational. Protecting our minds is A number 1!!!

The Body Church

Tuesday, the group gathered to look deeper into the attack of the adversary on our gender, sexuality and foundation.  Not the foundation of our faith, but the foundation of our families, which were designed and organized to give glory to God, and further the message of Love and Sacrifice about Christ!

From the very start, the devil has sought to disrupt our personal relationship with Gtreeknowledgeod and with each other.  He craftily enters into the scenes of our lives via our gates, and convinces us to disobey God, by placing our will and desires ahead of his.  The 3rd chapter of Genesis shows the consistent scheme of the adversary.  He speaks to Eve in verse 2.  More accurately, he engages Eve in a conversation.  This is why we must protect our gates, capture thoughts and bring them under subjection.  The devil only needs dialogue to gain access, and…

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