Your Old Men will Dream Dreams….


Tonight I had a dream,

I was a little boy,

Called to preach the Gospel…

My older brother had been matred

In a community shooting

My mom,

A single parent doing the best she could

Woke me up for breakfast

Then stood proudly at the door,

She sent me off

Believing I was going to school

But I was on assignment

My head high,





Walking so fast my chest broke the sound barrier

Glancing down

The side walk read as a script

Part markings,

And tags,

Many proud,

Others sad,

The side walk was hood engraved

My brothers name listed too

Cement etched with his name

His sunrise and sunset too

I skipped along

Careful not to step on any crack

Leaping from side to side

Knowing the importance of her back

Though she seemed healed

I could see her wounds

Scab removed from the last sunrise

I remember each tear that fell

Wanting to catch them

But knowing their escape was the route of escape

She found some semblance of peace

In the Word given to me

The power and its simple delivery

Helped her see

She had packed my lunch

While I packed my kit

She fed my belly

As my voice fed her soul

Down the steps I went

Physically filled

Spiritually bursting at the seams

My lips mouthed the message

My heart had recorded in my studies

My mind an amplifier

My mouth a speaker

My heart where He wrote

My life where He kept His notes

My first assignment

Was here,

I dragging my kit

Into the establishment,

A new eating spot,

Soul food no doubt,

Tables filled with patrines

The host and hostesses scurrying’s like Christmas eve.

My kit was too big to lift,

Filled with items to help me preach the good news

My voice was ready

My mind fresh

My heart beating through my chest

The one greeted me

Welcome to Allen’s

I’ll get you up to speak

He Cut off the radio feed

Proud to introduce me

Turns out my brother was a talented musician

And I,

Inherited the gene and was continuing the family legacy

Carrying it further than before

The Gospel my focus

His gift,

My talent would now be the vehicle

Through which God would change the world

I stepped up to the urinal,

Smiling ear to ear

Hearing Gods voice softly in my ear

Go to the restroom he said

Your going to wet yourself!


Stupid water pill!!!!!

I really have to get off this medication!!!


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