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Luke 11:17
Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them “Any kingdom divied againts itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fail.”

“Any house divided against itself will fail” How is your house? The house we are discussing is our fleshly encasing. Our bodies serve as a house for our souls, and because we are saved, it now, because of the provision of God, houses the Holy Spirit. Thus the question, How is your house?

The reality is that many of our houses are divided against itself. We have an internal battle and conflict waring inside of us.
A kingdom has rules, jurisdiction and a clearly defined leader. Who is your leader? Which or whos rules do you follow? The reality is not very pretty.

Most of us ignore the Holy Spirit, and make up the rules and boundaries as we go, thus we grieve the Holy Spirit, and cause ourselves much confusionand heartache.

Confusion always exist in a kingdom where there is no clear leader or rules. We can live simple, pure and holy lives, if we will lookinside be honest enough to admit the failing of our house, and take responsibility for the calamity.
What we must to is to unite the kingdom by submitting to the rulership and of the Holy Spirit. We must give the Holy Spirit jurisdiction in our lives and submit our entire house to leadership and guidance. God want us to live lives of power and to walk in confidence. This confidence can and will be achieved when we walk and have live with a lack of assurance as to who we are and what we will do.
A warning. Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. If we are no careful, we will find ourselves in a state of ruine. Lets make the decision to submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Lets not walk around confused anymore. Let us make the commitment to stop the internal conflict,and to trust the one that God has assigned to walk with us and guide us in all our decisions and ways.
Posted 9/4/07

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