Believe & Flow John 7:38


“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7:38

waterfaucet2Jesus speaks powerful words to the Disciples.  He shares with them the true source of strength and power.  They have the teachings, they have the teacher, but they lack the power to accomplish the super natural.  Their circumstances had improved!  They were closer to the promise!  They were empowered by the Word Himself!  And yet, they were only informed and led.  The watched in awe as Jesus performed miracles, learning from His walk, privy to insider information, wiser than most, because they were chosen by the source the receive revelation beyond the general teaching, yet still, they lacked.

The reality, they were still not completely aware of the how close they were, and just who they had been chosen to follow and receive.  Jesus sets the backdrop for the fullness of the covenant that God was in the process of completing.  God’s plan was not only to restore relationship with His creation, but to empower His creation to not only look like Him in regards to character, but in relationship to His power.  God, the unselfish, generous God, not only would give mankind access to Him, and the authority accomplish through the name of Jesus, but would supply them with the same power to do even greater works than He himself did during His time on earth. waterfaucet

This power would give us the potential to do the extraordinary on earth!  That power, The Holy Spirit.

Upon reading this passage, I saw the disciples as faucets, able to bring forth living water to any situation.  The stood before me as vessels of potential, housing a power that could both erode and break through any situation.  We too are faucets!  We have this same power, but we are off!  Our handles are set to block the flow of the Spirit.  We harness its power, grieving it by locking it, and restricting it, causing that which is alive and active to sit in a dormant state.  Our power is “standby”.  Standby power means that it is connected to the power source, ready to be used, but not being drawn.  Situation after situation can be handled by cutting on its power, but they remain unresolved because we will not open up and allow the Spirit to flow.

In my head, I saw a new bar of soap in the sink under a constant drip.  I could see the physical change the next morning because of the drip.  I imagined leaving the soap there not just under a drip, but under a constant flow.  I could see the dent in the soap!  Then I imagined standing back and opening up the faucet for maximum flow.  I could see the not only the soap being impacted, but the sink being filled and the things on the sinks edge being saturated by the contact of the waters flow.  

If only we would open up!  If only our lives were just one constant flow.  If only we could see ourselves walking in the Spirit, yielding to its power and to its lead in our lives.  If only we could see ourselves, not on standby, cutting the flow on and or, or not drawing from its power at all! We could change not only our lives and circumstances, but we could change the world! There is a world waiting for you to connect and to utilize your power. Will you remain dormant?  Will you keep your mouth closed?  Will you stay in the confines of your home?  Will you watch injustice?  Will you walk in power and authority?  Will you believe and will you flow?

We have too many people that believe and will not flow!  Unlike the disciples in this text, we are not lacking!  We are filled, but not willing!  We need an army of believers that understand that they are armed with the greatest power ever given. More powerful than any nuclear device, our temples are filled with that which can cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, restore families…. We need people that will flow!

The month of November for The Body Church will be the opportunity to flow! In faith, we are walking firm towards our destiny and God’s unfolding promise.  For the first 21 days of the month, members of each Discipleship Group (DG) are begin asked to fast, drinking water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as denying themselves one item of their choosing.  During this time, each Disciple is asked to fast, seeking God about whom they are to witness too, and how they can best serve in the community service projects.  We know God will give you strength and the focus needed to get closer to him, as well as further discipline yourself to strengthen your faith walk.  We also believe God will reveal to you the people whom the Holy Sprit has prepared for you to bare witness too.  Be prayerful, and may the Lord continue to be your strength!


Enough! (I Kings 19:4,8)


Life has a way of draining us.  I know; not you, its just me.  You have never been in the place where you have spent all your energy, applied all your focus, expended all your ideas!   That one last email that hits the inbox at 4:30 pm, after you have put out all the fires, re-planned and reorganized, re-equipped the staff, and you are packing your things for the day only to hear that haunting ding, and the refresh of your inbox!  Elijah had survived the big show down, emerged victorious, proved His God and in the process proved his self, only to receive word from the messenger of Jezebel, you have 24 hours to live!  1080-The-Prophet-Elijah-Receiving-Bread-and-Water-from-an-Angel-by-unknown-painter-in-church-Santa-Maria-della-Salute-600x922

Elijah, exhausted, ran to the desert, discouraged and afraid.  He looked to the hills, where his help comes from, and declared in verse 4, ….” ‘I’ve had enough!’ ”  It wasn’t the fight; it was one more fight!  I know you have never been there, but I have often asked my God, “How many more fights are ahead!”  “How many more times will we have to prove you are the true and living God. How many times will I have to stand in faith and boldness just to show that I am your man of God? ”

Honestly, Jezebel was not match for Elijah!  She was the worshiper and servant of a false God who had already been shown to be powerless, and was facing a woman who’s power was her ability to manipulate and influence those with power to carry out her bidding!  He had defeated her prophets, and would surely defeat her with the power of the Lord, but Elijah had had “Enough!”

Mentally, he was unable to imagine himself lifting his hand or his sword one more time.  He couldn’t muster up the image of himself facing one last battle!  Could he? Would he? Should he enter into another battle?

Emotionally, he faced the call for his very life.  He had to see himself as mortal, and face the knowledge that his days were numbered, and that he wasn’t privied to God’s personal book of life or schedule for life and death.  He focused on his mortality so much, that he had decided that death by Jezebel was inevitable and requested that God take his life.

Spiritually, he was unable to silence the voice of the enemy and hear the voice of the divine.  Though the messenger delivered the message, the voice of Jezebel and her promise rang louder and louder.  It was so loud that it was all he could focus on!  So loud that it muted the voice of the Lord!

I know, I am the only one that has ever been there Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually, or maybe one of a few that will admit that we have all layed under the tree, and said, “I’ve had enough!”

Enough is that place of emptiness!  It’s the place where all of your resources have been used, and the reserve is non existent! Elijah was there!  He could go no further.  It was time to turn over the reigns!

The great part of this story is that Elijah wasn’t the only one that had enough!  Verse 8 says, “…That meal gave him the strength to travel forty days and forty nights until he reached the mountain of God in Horeb.”  God met Elijah’s “Enough” with “Enough”.  God provided Elijah with enough sustenance to strengthen him not for the fight, but for the journey.  Elijah would never have to fight Jezebel, but he did have to make a journey to spend time with the Lord!

I love that God gave him enough strength to travel for 40 days and 40 nights.  One meal was enough to keep him!  One meal was enough to empower him!  One meal was enough to restore him!  I thank God for enough.  There are times in my life when I have been at enough, only to be met with God’s enough!  God sends a Word and Provisions via the hand of the Angel that allowed him to make it through the long journey.

I find it interesting that the toughest battle Elijah fought in this story wasn’t against the prophets of Baal, but with his mind.  Elijah was able to face the prophets with the strength of the Lord, but the battle he fell subject to was within.  We must fight to keep our focus, and must understand that peace is truly found to those who keep their minds stayed on God.

In your hour of despair, it is great to know that God doesn’t abandon you when you run into the desert!  God sends a Word!  God sends provision!  God sends companionship!  God never leaves us nor does He forsake us!


Getting Closer to the Vision


It’s the little things that cause us to stumble. Those same little things can make us tremble. Other times, those little things bring us to tears. Tonight, I experienced one of those little things. I was moved by the words and actions that took place before my eyes.

After a competitive game of Pictionary (still a little salty that my team loss), we were immersed into fellowship and wrapping the night up. As group members prepared to leave, our group leader spoke to get the attention of the group. Ashlee said, “I want to replace one of our game nights with a service project. I was thinking we could volunteer somewhere during the holidays.” Godshand

As she waited for responses, I knew she couldn’t see one of the greatest responses in the room; mines. Inside, I was smiling ear to ear! It was sweet music to my ears, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was pleased! This is it! The Vision! The Body! Working in the community, showing the love of Christ. Being the hands and feet of the Lord, bringing compassion to those who are need to be touched and or healed.

We are getting closer to the Vision!  I thought about the Bible Study series, and all it has meant to developing and challenging us as a group.

Upon hearing her words, I was convinced that though competing against each other is fun, I am sure there will be no greater fun that rolling up our sleeves and serving others. Surely, the smiles on the faces of those God uses us to touch will long outlast the satisfaction of sending the other team home disappointed from the loss.

The group huddled around the coffee table and bar. A full out brainstorming session took place. Before our very eyes, a plan to make an impact was being made. This too brought a smile. It wasn’t just that the suggestion was made to the group, but that the group received and affirmed what was in the heart of our group leader, which matched was in the heart of all who heard. She found out that each member was just as excited about serving others as they are about serving a loss to the other team!

It was truly a great night for the Northpointe Discipleship Group! We are looking for opportunities to serve in Tomball. If you are aware of a great opportunity, please email us at