If He Killed Saul;… (2 Samuel 1:15-16)


2 Samuel 1:15  David asked him, “Why weren’t you afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?” 16 Then David called one of his men and said, “Go, strike him down!” So he struck him down, and he died.

In life our paths are crossed by many faces, feet and hands.  We are constantly put into positions to make judgement calls as to ones purpose and intentions towards us.  Men and Women approach, often with oaths and gifts, speaking words of favor, lending flattering thoughts and encouraging words.  Once in power, the favor of man, and loyalty of man is offered upon a platter to the one wearing the crown, leaving the man with the important task of discerning who is for them, and who is against them.  

Here David is; encountering a man that is doing and saying all the right things.  He comes before him in verse 2, and “falls to the ground to pay him honor.”  He humbles himself in the Davids presence, giving a visible sign that he both sees and receives him as the new and rightful King.  Furthermore, his posture shows respect for Davids power and authority.  He recognized him as a mighty warrior and valiant man, worthy of praise and honor.images

I wondered to myself, “How many of our Kingdoms have fallen from the Posture and Presentation of a man/woman?”  Our desire to be respected and revered can open us up to the infiltration of the adversary, delivering to the sacrifice of praise, playing to our ego and leaving us vulnerable to loose it all.  It occurred to me while reading that the posture was not in respect, but it was to get close and to gain the favor of the King.

The sad truth is, most of us know what submission looks like, but don’t know what it is.  When we view submission, respect and honor as physical, then we will find ourselves easily fooled and jeopardizing our camp.  Submission is a matter of the heart, not of the mouth, or the bending of a back.  Even our Lord highlights this by saying we must “confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts”  Romans 10:9.

David listened to his story, treating him with the utmost respect.  But while he recounted his story, David, like our Lord was listening to His heart.  He wasn’t persuaded by the presentation of Saul’s Crown and bands.  Most of us would have received the gifts and treasure as a sign of loyalty and respect, and given its deliverer the honor of being in our inner circle, and or laid hands on them and given them influence in our camp.

David however, morned the loss of Saul, more so the loss of Jonathan, whom he says loved him better than more wonderful than a woman. V 26  He wasn’t caught in the trappings of the title, but was peering into the responsibility and began of his reign and journey carrying out the will of the Lord on earth.  He understood that the crown he would bare, would not be one that was won or delivered by human hands, but one that was given to him from above by the Devine who had chosen him because of his heart and not his appearance or connections.

Too many of us are eager to wear another mans crown!  Many of us would have placed the crown on our head and reveled in our new assignment.  But not David!  Many of us have assignments from God, but have received our crown from men!  Our assignments have be tainted by a lack of judgment and the formation of un-heavenly earthly partnerships and relationship that will get us off track.  We must, like David, remember that the crown is not the determining factor of who is King, but the oil that has flowed upon our heads.  Words and treasure and earthly garnishing that lull us into corrupt ways and an unrighteous end.

After morning, David questioned the man, asking him the question of questions, “Why weren’t you afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?” V. 15  David after listening to the Spirit knew that he too was God’s anointed.  While the man looked to gain favor by reporting that he killed Saul, his claim revealed his heart which had no respect for the anointing and the office.  His power move with most would have been successful, but David was wise and able to discern what was behind his tale.

We can learn much from watching the way those who sing our praise treat authority and speak of the office in which we currently reside and are due to obtain.   If they will verbally execute another minister or ministry, co-worker, supervisor, then assuming that you will be or are currently exempt from their fruit is foolish.  There should be something about that individual that has such respect for the office, that it proves painful, impossible even, to speak against the man or woman God has chosen to serve.  While this is true, many offices have been captured by the sweet songs of one who destroys and disrespects another in our presence, somehow believing that their posture and presentation are signs that we are above their accosting.

We are just one of a few that have been chosen, and while unique, we are not different.  We are different is assignment, but all chosen by the divine to carry our His will and to speak forth His truth!

Not only was David able to discern his intentions, David also knew the man was lying.  David spoke, “Your own mouth testified against you when you said, ‘I killed the LORD’s anointed.’ ”  V. 16 The man was lying the whole time!  He was lying and wanted credit for Saul’s death to gain favor with David.  Though he had not committed the act of killing Saul, David killed him based upon what was in his heart.  David came to the conclusion, “If He killed Saul, He will kill me!”  I challenge you to look into your camp, and to identify those attached not for relationship, but for resources.  Identify those who have great presentation and posture, and hold a magnifying glass up to their hearts!  Now, don’t kill anyone! (gotta put that in writing!!!!)  And don’t have anyone killed! (gotta put that in writing too!)  But evaluate the camp so that you will know what you have attached to you, and pray for discernment so that you can rule well and handle the assignment God has given to you.

In final, a question, “What’s in your heart?”  I chose for this blog a picture depicting worship.   I wondered to myself how God feels when we are in His presence.  See, we all know what worship looks like.  We all know what submission looks like.  We all know what praise sounds like.  But, do we really know what all of these things are? And are they truly whats in our heart?  Could it be that God listens to our praise, and receives the crown and bracelets in the offering plate, and is still haunted by our hearts that are far from Him.  Could it be that God hears our praise and is bothered and disgusted by our worship, knowing that our words are just to gain favor with him, and not to build a relationship with Him?  God must be more than a resource, He must be our source!







Ten less the One (Luke 17:15-18)


Luke 17:15 Now one of them, when he saw that he had been healed, turned back, glorifying God with a loud voice, 16 and he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. And he was a Samaritan. 17 Then Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine—where are they? 18“Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?”


This story, familiar for its look into the expectations of our God spoke to me this morning.  From a variety of angles, I could identify with the people in Jesus’s story.  We want to look at the thanks aspect, but want to address first the societal predicament these men find themselves in the midst of.


First, those who were sickly were housed outside of the cities in camps.  They were not touched or seen, as those who were well sought not to contaminate themselves by interacting with them.  They were not only outside of the city, but were away from resources, shunned by man and void of human interaction.  Their entire world was dwelling among others who were just as sick as they were.  They were away from families.  Unable to show love or receive love from their wives and children.  As men, they were unable to protect and provide for their homes, leaving their families uncovered and without their provision and talents.  They were unable to worship with others, restricted from the temples, and had been pronounced unfit for fellowship.  Being cleansed would not just stop the pain of being sick, but would restore their communion with the community and with the creator. 

They, like all of us, found ourselves in need of God’s mercy.  They cried out  to Him, “Jesus, Master have mercy on us.” V. 13   We all experienced God in our sick cities.  As we rotted away with the others infected with the same or similar conditions and realized that we wanted and needed change.  And here was their opportunity.  Thank God, Jesus showed mercy.  I paused to give God thanks.  It is amazing that He wouldn’t take the long way around like others to avoid coming in to contact with me.  Though He knew my condition, He took the route to ensure our paths would cross.  And for that, my life has never been the same.

But here they face a decision!  They all showed faith by leaving to show themselves to the priest.  This showing would declare them clean and would allow them to return to their homes and families.  They would be released to become productive members of the community.  They would be no longer be outcast or shunned by their community, and would get to enjoy the warmth of a hug, the respect of a handshake, the honor of worshiping in the temple with others.  Showing themselves to the priest would be the beginning of life restoration on earth.

The ten of them rushed to be restored, but the one realized that the restoration most important was the one that had happened by asking for and receiving the mercy from the Lord.  And while showing others that He had been cleaned would bare witness of God’s goodness, and give testimony about His power and mercy, he turned back and had a one on one with the divine.   The others made the choice for community, while the one made a choice for communion!

He returned, “glorifying God with a loud voice” v.15 while others went to worship in the temple, the other gave glory right were he was found.  He went back to the sick community he had been delivered from and bore witness with a “loud voice” giving glory to God the Father.  He was unashamed and unbridled!  He screamed forth praise for the God that had restored Him not publicly in the temple, but on the very streets that He meet Him on!  We need to give thanks in similar fashion.

He didn’t just speak aloud so that others could hear, he “he fell on his face at His feet” V.16  I wondered to myself how many of us will worship without conveniences?  As a believer, worship had been designated to the temple, but this man found himself in the presence of the Devine!  No temple needed!  Just his heart and time with the Lord!   He fell with his face towards the ground, submitted to the Lord and worshipped Him.  In this, I realize the power of the Gospel.  God’s Word has the ability to change the life of anyone who applies its wisdom and principles, but does not foster a personal relationship with the Lord with all.  While the 9 ran to restore their lives and to return to normal, the 1 found himself desiring to form a personal relationship.

We should ask ourselves what we desire.  Is it the declaration from the Temple Priest, or the declaration from the High Priest?  The reality of the passage is that most want the earthly declaration and will miss the heavenly decree!

This one man, decided to return and give thanks.  After all God has done and all God is doing, I find it both true and shameful that many of us are on the road to the Temple Priest.  We are eager to show ourselves cleansed, and forget to show gratitude to the one who cleansed us.  Our thanks and appreciation is expected and is what is just and due.  We should go out of our way to express gratitude not just to our Father, but to anyone who aides us on our journey.   This day, take the time to tell those who have helped you thanks!  And don’t forget to thank the one who instructed them to help you.


Serve the People (John 13:1-14)


John the 13th chapter, shows our Lord and savior interacting with His disciples at the Passover Meal.  This meal, would be there last Passover Meal, and also last gathering as the 12 and Jesus before the Cross.  After this meal, He will be kissed and betrayed, accused and beaten, convicted and crucified, and buried in a tomb!  (Of course, that’s not where the story ends).

Rendered Christian Flag

Christian Flag

Jesus is getting ready to leave His earthly ministry to return to His heavenly position!  He realizes that He is His moments left with His disciples were few, and thus He positions Himself to teach them one lat lesson, that sums up His mission on earth.  They had seen Him as a Teacher, known Him as a Friend, Honored Him as their Rabi but needed to experience him the Master as Servant.   God wanted to leave for the disciples a legacy that would further the Kingdom and reflect His true nature.  He was not only a teacher preacher and pastor! What brought Him to earth was His calling to Serve through Death on a Cross.

So he mirrored in the Last Supper what He did Spiritually!  “Jesus knew that the father had handed all things over to him, and that he had come from God and was going back to God, he got up from the meal, removed his outer clothes, took a towel and tied it around himself.”  V 3-4

First he took of immortality and put on mortality.  We see this mirrored in the passage as He came down from position of Master and Rabbi, and put on the covering of a lowly servant.  God, in humility, placed himself in a position to serve the creation that should have been serving Him.  He left his throne to experience being His creation.  Making Himself the perfect sacrifice to restore the relationship between God and Man.  In this, God show us that we must be willing to put aside our titles, place aside our accomplishments, look past our accolades and serve each other.

Furthermore, He “poured water into the washbasin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to dry them with the towel he had wrapped around himself.”  V 5-8   He was willing to work!    The scripture lets us know in verse 4, “he got up”.  Not only did He get up, He god up and tied the towel around his waist and then poured the water into the washbasin.  He prepared himself to serve.  He could have washed their feet in His robe, but He wanted them to see the visible image of himself serving in humility, not leaning upon titles or credentials.  See, He knew that the robe did not make him the Messiah, His calling did!   We need people that are willing to work!  We have to many sitting at the table eating, but too few that will wash the feet of others.   Cleaning people takes a sacrifice.  Is requires one to address the sin, filth and shame of the one who has accumulated dirt on their journey, and to cleanse them where they are.  We want people to wash their own feet, but it is the job of the host to clean the feet, being hospitable and caring towards the one in need.

We must fight the culture of the collection plate.  Now, we must pay our tithes and give an offering, but we must understand that some jobs require us and not our money!  Too many of us throw money at problems, when our service is the solution!  God is asking us to roll up our sleeves and to sweat, not to solicit workers to do the job He assigned to you!

After serving, the parallel continues as He places on His robe returns to the Father!   He had completed His mission.  He made the sacrifice, and now our sins are forgiven.  He returns to His throne to sit on the Fathers right hand to be our covering and righteousness.  But leaves for us the lasting impression of His act of service.  That being, “you ought to wash one another’s feet.” V. 14  See, God knew that though clean, on this faith journey, a part of our flesh would always be exposed.

Though we are covered in righteousness, we will all sin, and will need to be restored.  In heaven, God requires us to repent, and in that, forgiveness is applied via the Blood covenant.  But on earth, God knew that our relationship would need more than the Blood to stay harmonious.  God wanted us to see the importance of forgiveness and restoration from His very hands.  Despite His example, many of us find ourselves condemning our brothers.  We find ourselves casting aside God’s children.  We sever ties from those who have offended us and or committed offenses against Christ.

We must see in this that Jesus washed all 12 Disciples feet; including Judas!  He addressed this fact in V.11 when He told Peter, “…not everyone of you…” referring to being cleaned.  Thus, if Jesus is willing to wash the feet of Judas, we are expected to do nothing less than the example He provided for us to reach.


Look Again! (I Kings 18:43-45)


“Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked. “There is nothing there,” he said. Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.” The seventh time the servant reported, “A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea.” So Elijah said, “Go and tell Ahab, ‘Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.’ ”

I Kings 18:43-44

While reading, I was captivated by the story of Elijah’s faith in God, and the servants faithfulness to Elijah. Much was at stake. God’s name was on the line, and so was Elijah reputation as a prophet. He had claimed to be God’s vessel. One that heard from God, and had favor from God. Even speaking that it would not rain until He determined that it would. What would happen? Baal’s prophets were unsuccessful, but the lack of rain from Elijah’s prayers would leave them in the same spot they were in before the showdown began.

Elijah in verse 42 falls to his face and begins to pray for rain. Now; I have never prayed for rain, but I have Believed for a Flow. Elijah wanted greatly for the rain to fall from heaven to both validate that God was God and that he truly was His servant. He understood the need for God’s people and the King to see the error of their ways, and the need to stop worshiping a false God and disobeying and disrespecting the Lord. Elijah wanted to heal the relationship between the people before further punishment came. Well in this, the showdown has us looking at many different elements.

1st, the Confidence to Speak the Word. Elijah had the utmost confidence not just in God, but in his relationship with God. He was convinced that the Lord would not fail him, concerning His name. He knew in his heart, that He could stand firm and that he would be both validated and vindicated in this moment. Elijah fell to his face. He got prostrate on the ground. He humbled himself before the Lord, and he would not leave until the Lord moved.

I thought about my own relationship with God, and my prayer life, for these were the things that allowed Elijah to tell his servant, “Go and look”. Look Again! He saw nothing the first time; Look Again! Saw nothing the second time; Look Again! Saw nothing the sixth time; Look Again! I smiled! It takes confidence to speak the Word! I remember when I owned Creative Tutors (a tutoring franchise), and a friend asked me what it was like owning a franchise. My reply, “There is a difference between having faith to write the check and having faith that the check is coming.” The confidence that the owner has is different that that of the worker. He or she must send people to work, knowing that there trust is not only in their ability to carry out the assignment, but that you will pay them the wage they are due. Each day they went out, my name was at stake, and the Lords name was on the line. There were moments where the Lord had to tell me to Look Again! There were moments where I had to say to the Tutor; Look Again! There were times where I had to tell myself Look Again! Though I didn’t have the personal cash flow at times to float the entire months payroll, I had to speak to tutors with confidence! I had to assure them that the rain would come. I had to breath words of life into their drought situation so that the would know that the rain would come. 30 days never felt so long for either of us. They were eager to receive pay, and I was eager to collect and write their check! Thus, I had to fall to my face and seek the Lord! They wouldn’t give me a small business loan to help float my payroll when the economy got shaky, so I had to lean upon the one with unlimited resources.

2nd, I had to Believe the Word I has Spoken! I knew knew that I could both loose their respect and ruin my name, and that as a man of God, His name too was being placed up for discussion. I had to trust that He wouldn’t allow me to die from thirst on my face in the mountain! I had to believe that this venture in faith together would bring honor to His name and wouldn’t ruin my own. I can attest, God will come through! Though I am no longer an owner, God taught me a lot while on my face in the mountain. He showed me much about Him, and even more about myself! God will come through, but we have to be willing to wait for Him and believe His Word to be true!

I can imagine, like in my own mountain experience, that God was telling Elijah that it would rain. It was this word and confidence that allowed Elijah to send the servant back 7 different times. Mind you, the scripture said the servant “went up and looked”, meaning he was traveling to verify what had been spoken. They were in a mountain, so I imagine he might have done a little climbing. I’m sure at some point, even Elijah felt guilt and compassion for his servants, even grateful for his obedience and service. He might have even thought to relieve the servant by sending him home like he had done with Ahab, but He kept telling him to Look Again! The more times you have to say Look Again, the more Belief and Faith it takes.BodyLogo

In my own life, I have had to speak from the depths of my faith and relationship with God. How challenging it is to speak life to dead situations! To look in the face of despair and still declare! Though the glamor comes on trip 7th, the clamor come on trips 1 through 6. As men and women of faith, we have to face the 6 trips! We have to endure the doubts of others, and the look of being a fool, fraud or forgotten. We must be steadfast and unmovable, knowing what God has said, and being confident because we know who God is! We must continue to believe what he said, as not to stop the flow of what he is doing. Yes, we must Believe and Flow! Trip number 7 is coming, and the funny looks you get while speaking what has yet to manifest, will come; if you faint not and continue to believe!

3rd, I am fascinated with this passage because I too have been Waiting on the Prophet’s Word to Manifest. Man, how powerful it is to receive a Word of confirmation. When you know God has spoken into your life and then He sends a vessel to validate what you already know to be true. I have been in the servants shoes, standing on the vision, standing on the Word, and depending on both the relationship with God and belief in the Man of God that I am assigned too. I have had the light of revelation declared and walked forth towards that which yet to exist, not on my word, but on the Word of one I know to be a called man of God. I can attest, each trip to look at the sea gets challenging. For the Prophet is not the only one acting in faith! The Prophet is not the only one exposed! The Prophet is not the only one that could look foolish! The Prophet is not the only one who’s name it as stake.  All of us have fallen to our knees and declared, “God; You said…..”

As servants and members, we put confidence in the fact that our Shepherd are tied in to the Lord’s will for our lives. We are often asked to do that which looks foolish to man and sometimes that which goes against our own measure of faith. We are asked to move in our doubt, through our doubt, and to speak to our faith until it matches our current situation. It is challenging to wait on manifestation! Muhammed Ali said in an interview, He knew his fights sold out not only because his fans came to see him, but because his haters wanted to be there if he lost! I can imagine what the first 6 trip were like. The first and second ones, He was eager to validate while after the third he was hoping they wouldn’t replicate the times before. With each empty sky, I can imagine His faith Skyline changing. That which was once filled with beauty, was not met with an overcast of doubt! Yet, he continued to go and Look Again! Many of us make the first two trips, and make the third trip down the mountain and to our homes. If we are to Believe and Flow, we must be willing to Look Again!

Your situation will change! The rain is coming! I see a cloud in the distance! It’s the size of a hand! It’s going to rain! And because you were closest to the sea, I am believing that the Lord will reward you not only to see the cloud, but to feel the first drops before it pours! Look Again! Don’t give up! Keep the Faith! Continue to Believe and Flow!


Just Doing Our Part!

This evening, the youngest girlies were traipse artist, pushing the mattress to its limits. Their leaps amazed the crowd, as they fell mesmerized by their death-defying routines.
As girlie #5 catapulted towards the ceiling, a voice screamed, “are you jumping on the couch?” “No,” she said, knowing this was a partial truth. For it wasn’t the couch but the bed. She wouldn’t volunteer the information. Big sister #2 remarked, “Uh huh! Told you Y’all were going to get caught!”, as sister #4 quietly sat, not to admit involvement in the routine.   jumpingbed.png
I said to mommy, as the door closed, “should we take away the joys of jumping on the bed from the kids?” Knowing that all who were privileged to experience a mattress in the home had used its power to bring to life fantasy after fantasy.
Our mattress as children caught our final tumble in the Olympics as well as the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. It was the backdrop our attempts to fly like Superman and caught the Suplex and DDT before our dolls heard the three count of the referee and gave us the championship belt!
“No”, mommy replied. “We shouldn’t. But, we have to do our jobs! We’re parents and its part of the gig.”
I replied, “Your right! Besides, half of the fun of jumping is knowing that mom and dad said not too! The danger adds to the fun!” I finished.
“You’re right” mommy said, “we’re just adding to the fun.” This said, knowing that the fun of the jump always overruled the consequences. As we smiled, we knew the jumping would continue. Maybe not today, but surely tomorrow.
The mattress might be one of the greater imagination supporters ever!   Maybe we should teach mattress safety as opposed to restricting the leaps?
Until then, “are you jumping on the bed again?  Don’t make me come up there.”

Neglected Grounds Become Fields….


gardenNow no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the LORD God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground.
Genesis 2:5

The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed.
Genesis 2:8

As I read this passage, I was caught by many things.  The first of those was the character of our God.  God is the Master Cultivator.  He is one that is not only willing to plant, but plants with the intent to sustain.  He is meticulous about His ways, taking the proper steps to make sure what He creates will have what it needs to sustain it.

Here, we see a cycle of creation, in that God created man to sustain the garden and the garden to sustain the man.  I looked into self and asked myself the question, “Am I creating things that will sustain me, and am I sustaining the things I create?”  God designed a relationship that would be mutually beneficial; in that the love and care that the man would place into the garden would produce a fine yield, and that yield would reward him by being sustenance to him.  God made it that the man would have to nurture and care for the grounds, protecting it, cleaning it, serving it, and sharing it.   Man was to care for creation as creation cared for him.

I thought to myself, “There are too many Neglected Grounds!  And these ground are becoming “Fields”.  Grounds are places that have been created to produce.  Places God has water.  Places God has given seed.  And last, a place where God has placed a man to cultivate.  God created a field, placed seed in it,  showered over it, not just to produce shrubs and trees, but a lush garden, that would feed the man and also bring glory to God by showing forth His character and beautiful creation.

Not only are there “Neglected Grounds” but there are “Abused Grounds”.  Lately, we have born witness to productive grounds that have become fields, not for the lack of a man to cultivate, but the lake of a man to care while cultivating.  God even designed that the land would have time to rest, that it might be able to replenish via His process and design and be even more fruitful and productive for the man He placed in it.  Yet, we have men and women who have been blessed with Grounds, who through a lack of gentleness and care have turned a beautiful garden into a field.  Gardens require care and attention, and suffer from corruption and anger.

Though a gardener has the task of tilling the soil, the remainder of his efforts are spent paying attention to his land.  He watches and waits patiently, as He performs daily duties to the ground and the eventual crop, even caring for the animals he has been entrusted with to care for the grounds.  His care ensures that the plants and animals get the attention and love they need to be productive, and though they are trained by him, any abuse from him can stall productivity.  Thus, they take the time to name the animals. This to remind them that they are more than animals.  They like man, are a partner in creation and must be cared for as they render their abilities to aide in caring for the garden which cares for the man.  We must be sure to maintain proper care and perspective of all things placed for us to steward, that we can be productive with what God has entrusted us with.

The reality is, Neglected Grounds become a Field.  God can send rain upon our fields, but our handling of the fields we have been entrusted with, determine whether they become the beautiful gardens God intended for them to become.  I want to challenge each reader to pour attention and care into the field in which you have been entrusted.  It is filled with potential, and with a little hard work and care, can be a lush place, filled with plants and vegetation plenteous enough to provide for you and for others.




See, I got into this bad roommate situation,
I invited someone into my home to share my space,
Thus making my place our place,
And now my place has become more his space,
Now I am out of place like MySpace,
Trying to retrieve what was once mine,
Fighting to gain control over what I once had dominion over, Moving-into-Your-First-Apartment-450x253
Or so it seemed,
My lack of a simple background check,
Has me paired with the devil himself,
Wrapped in my own flesh,
Barking out commands,
Rearranging my home,
Redefining purpose,
And Overriding functions,
Removing the remains of what was taught,
Or so he thought,
I was trained in a way,
That I might not depart,
And though you have rented space in my heart,
Your lease is up for renewal,
And my tomorrow,
Looks better with you in my past,
Looking towards the hills,
My ears tuned to His station,
His digital signal warms my ears,
Coating my heart,
Restoring like a polish,
Removing the stain,
Breaking through the tarnish,
Waxing on,
Wiping off,
Leaving its protective coat over me,
I begin to shine again,
I review my resident application,
Tightening the security,
That the next roommate would be great,
Then I removed the vacant sign,
Tore up the applications,
And decided to live at peace.

#Spiritual Sunglasses

A Hard Head, Makes…. Zechariah 7:13


Momma used to say, “A hard head makes a soft behind” to us as youth.  During these times, we were learning many lessons, some which we rejected, others we struggled to follow.  Our youthfulness and desire to experience and carve our own paths often caused us to but heads with the very covering given to keep us on the right path.  image

We find God, in this passage, exhausted from His efforts to keep His children on the right path!  He has sent prophet after prophet to speak to the people about their ways.  Turns out, they were following the ritual dates, fasting when instructed, but they were ignoring the voice of God when He spoke.

God was more concerned for their treatment of others than He was their obedience to the calendar.  When they had His attention, He is instructed them to “exercise true judgement and show brotherhood and compassion to each other.  You must not oppress the widow, The orphan, the foreigner, or the poor, nor should anyone secretly ploy evil against his fellow human being.” Zech 7:9-10  His words highlight what was taking place before and during the fast!

While we are focused on building our relationship with God, we must also be builders of relationship with mankind.  It’s great that God says “fellow human being” because this is how He sees us and how we should see one another.  This means all races, economic backgrounds, party affiliations, cities and the like.  God wants us to illustrate His character towards His creation, not because it is deserved, but because it is right.

And of we choose not too!  A hard head makes our God chastise.  He chastises the ones He loves, making us obey His Word that it might go well with us.   God said to them, “I cried to you….so you will cry out” V. 13 “they would not obey….I will not listen.” V. 13  in other words, a hard head does make a soft behind!

Like our parents, there comes a time when the Words font correct, that they just have to express.  God made two entry points for knowledge, and shamefully, we absorbe most of it from below the waist.  God desires to teach us the conventional way, but we continue to rebel, eating from every tree and following every path.

Lord forbid that He would stop up His ears towards us when we cry out for Him!  Be it not that the Lord would ignore us while we suffer!  God remember us and hear our cry.  Actually, don’t just hear it, listen to it! Let our cry compell you to act! Let not only our words and deeds line up to grim favor from you, let our treatment of others be a sweet smell in your nostrils!