See, I got into this bad roommate situation,
I invited someone into my home to share my space,
Thus making my place our place,
And now my place has become more his space,
Now I am out of place like MySpace,
Trying to retrieve what was once mine,
Fighting to gain control over what I once had dominion over, Moving-into-Your-First-Apartment-450x253
Or so it seemed,
My lack of a simple background check,
Has me paired with the devil himself,
Wrapped in my own flesh,
Barking out commands,
Rearranging my home,
Redefining purpose,
And Overriding functions,
Removing the remains of what was taught,
Or so he thought,
I was trained in a way,
That I might not depart,
And though you have rented space in my heart,
Your lease is up for renewal,
And my tomorrow,
Looks better with you in my past,
Looking towards the hills,
My ears tuned to His station,
His digital signal warms my ears,
Coating my heart,
Restoring like a polish,
Removing the stain,
Breaking through the tarnish,
Waxing on,
Wiping off,
Leaving its protective coat over me,
I begin to shine again,
I review my resident application,
Tightening the security,
That the next roommate would be great,
Then I removed the vacant sign,
Tore up the applications,
And decided to live at peace.

#Spiritual Sunglasses


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