Not a Fan…Chapter 4


Not a Fan
One of Many or One and Only?
Chapter 4
Luke 14:25-26

Now great crowds were traveling with Him. So He turned and said to them: if anyone come to Me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters-yes, even his own life- he cannot be My disciple. Luke 14:25-26

Define Crowds? Are you a part of the Crowd? Why did you come?

There is a difference in traveling with and following!

Jesus is honest with the crowd about what it may cost to follow him. He lets them know that following him may mean offending your parents or grandparents. It may mean being cut out of the will or even cut off from the family. Pg. 57

Cost: Admission Vs. Admission
Crowd gains admission with currency. Followers gain admission with confession.

We have watered down the cost of Discipleship, marketing healing and prosperity, and putting sacrifice and discipline in fine print.
What Jesus is describing here is more accurately understood by picturing a race for first place in your life and he is the only one on the track. Pg. 58-59
Who many contestants are competing for your heart?

Yep, that may be part of it. And if you’re not willing to choose me over your family, then you are not ready to follow, and maybe it’s time for you to go home.” Pg. 58

Common Law Disciples: Living with God without commitment!

A fan says, ‘I love you.’ I am committed to you. But let’s not be exclusive. Pg. 59
Is Jesus One or Many?
1. For what do you sacrifice your money?
2. When you’re hurt, where do you go for comfort?
3. What disappoints or frustrates you the most?
4. What is it that really gets you excited?

Trying to follow Jesus part-time or halfhearted is impossible. The relationship he wants with you requires your whole heart. Pg. 65
If following Jesus cost you everything, would it still be worth it? Pg. 66


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